Topics labor, bakunin, freedom, provincial, society, revolutionary, communes, abolition, political, commune, revolutionary catechism, political. Revolutionary Catechism Written: while in prison in Russia, and by command of the Czar, in ; Source: Bakunin on Anarchy, translated and edited by Sam. Catechism of a Revolutionist had a great influence on radical young students At first Bakunin was pleased to see Nechayev but the relationship soon.

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It will reserve, revoluyionary, the right of the communes to diverge on secondary points, though not on fundamentals. Rights of association [ federalism ]. Therefore, there must be free commerce, exchange, and communication among all federated countries, and abolition of frontiers, passports, and customs duties [tariffs].

Human society would be organized industrially according to the needs of production.

Abolition of banks and all other institutions of state credit. Bonanno John Zerzan Bob Black. For association marvellously multiplies the productive capacity of each worker; hence, a cooperating member of a productive association will earn much more in much less time.

Freedom is the absolute right of every adult man and woman to seek no other sanction for their acts than their own conscience and their own reason, being responsible first to themselves and then to the society which they have voluntarily accepted. Commercial and industrial crises, stagnation unemploymentwaste of capital, etc. Its strength and inner vitality are measured by the degree of its liberty.

Freedom can and must be defended only by freedom: The International Federation of revolutionary peoples, with a parliament, a tribunal, and an international executive committee, will naturally be based on the principles of the revolution.

They must be constantly driven on to make compromising declarations: Experience, on the contrary, demonstrates that a catechlsm and authoritarian system, far from preventing, only increases crime; that public and private morality falls or rises to the extent that individual liberty is restricted or enlarged. The real revolutionist should regard himself as capital consecrated to the triumph of the revolution; however, he may not personally and alone dispose of that capital without the unanimous consent of the fully initiated comrades.

The province must be nothing but a free federation of autonomous communes. Revilutionary and justice demand only a society so organized that every single human being will — from birth through adolescence and maturity — find therein equal means, first for maintenance and education, and later, for the exercise of all his natural capacities and aptitudes. Every citizen of a federated country must enjoy the same civic rights and it must be easy for him to acquire citizenship and enjoy political rights in all other revolutionsry adhering to the same federation.


It is hoped that the federated states will eventually give up the expensive luxury of separate diplomatic representatives to foreign states and arrange for representatives to speak in the name of all the federated States. Pennsylvania State University Press.

But there is no doubt that outside of work best performed individually in industrial and even scientific or artistic enterprises, collective labor will be preferred by everyone. If there catechusm one fundamental principle of human morality, it is freedom. Man is truly free only among equally free men; the slavery of even one human being violates humanity and negates the freedom of all.

The men who, in Italy, founded the Fraternity with Bakunin were former disciples of the republican nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini, from whom they acquired their fondness for secret societies. He is merciless toward the state revoluhionary toward the whole formal social structure of educated society [ soslovno-obrazovannogo obshchestva ]; and he can expect no mercy from them.

The Anarchist Library: Michail Bakunin Revolutionary Catechism a4

The nation must be nothing but a federation of autonomous provinces. Be that as it may, we can already proclaim this fundamental principle: In marriage, man and woman must enjoy absolute liberty.

National frontiers would be abolished. A born aristocrat if he should, by some happy chance, be ashamed of his aristocratic lineage and renounce privileges of birth will yearn for past glories, be useless in the present, and passionately oppose future progress. It follows that all attempts to combat social immorality by rigorous legislation which violates individual freedom must bakunln.

Catechism of a Revolutionary – Wikipedia

This is not the removal of natural individual differences, but equality in the social rights of every individual from birth ; in particular, equal means of subsistence, support, education, and opportunity for every child, boy or girl, until maturity, and equal resources and facilities in adulthood to create his own well-being by his own labor.

However, without certain absolutely essential conditions the practical realization of freedom will be forever impossible. The degradation must therefore be attributed to a bakunln source, which is nothing but the separation which still exists between manual and intellectual laborwhich reproduces in a new form the ancient inequality and divides the world into two camps: But this is for the future.

The glory and revolutinoary of a nation lie only in the development of its humanity. Differences between two federated countries shall be adjudicated, without appeal, only by the International Parliament, which, in the name of the entire revolutionary federation, will also formulate common policy and make war, if unavoidable, against the reactionary coalition. Such a revolution would be folly, a catastrophe for the isolated country and would, in effect, constitute a crime against all the other nations.


Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction. It is perfectly true that a certain amount of leisure is absolutely necessary for the artistic, scientific, and mental development of man; creative leisure followed by the healthy exercise of daily labor, one that is well earned and is socially provided for revolutiobary according to individual capacities and preferences. It is our deep-seated conviction that since the freedom of all nations is indivisible, national revolutions must become international in scope.

In carrying out acts of destruction, each one should act alone, never running to another for advice and assistance, except when these are necessary for the furtherance of the plan. Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University. It is true that parents are their natural tutors, but since the very future of the commune itself depends upon the intellectual and moral training it gives to children, the commune must be the tutor.

The Revolutionary Catechism is primarily concerned with the immediate practical problems of the revolution. The International Tribunal shall revolutionarry no other function than to settle, without appeal, all disputes between nations and their respective provinces.

The essence of all moral education is this: Respect for human worth, the germ of freedom, must be present even while children are being severely disciplined.

Works of Mikhail Bakunin

In this respect, as in all others, the law of social solidarity is essential: Comrade-revolutionists [ tovarishchi-revoliutsionery ] who possess the same revolutionary passion and understanding should, as much as possible, deliberate all important matters together and come to unanimous conclusions.

No federated nation shall make war against another federated country. The city, corrupted and disorganized on the one hand by the idleness of the privileged citizens, and undermined on the other by the imperceptible but relentless activity of the disinherited world of slaves who, despite their slavery, through common labor developed a sense of mutual aid and solidarity against oppression, collapsed under the blows of the barbarian peoples.

The commune must also accept the judgments of the provincial tribunal and any measures ordered by the government of the province.

The union of nations comprising the International Federation will be based on the principles outlined above.