Cradle of the Moon is set after the Alicization arc ends! In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it! Especially with the story. Actually, Sword Art Online was licensed for English language by Yen Press. So, to prevent legal disputes, Baka Tsuki took it down from there sites. If you search. The Baka-Tsuki translation aggregate has declared the Sword Art Online project to be “Abandoned”. All SAO-related material, save the page.

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Some of us interpret it as “The Bullet Line does not appear at all for the sniper’s first shot”, while others interpret it as “Players can’t see a sniper’s first Bullet Line because they need to know where to look for it first”. Added translation for the first pics, I cannot make out what healthcliff is saying, I am not a translator nor proficient in japanese. I think there is some problem in the description tzuki Death Pistol.

I have not seen the episode yet, so I can not say too much, but remember that Accel World had some things that were missing as well, not so much the plot, but things that helped pull things together. There’s no point if the anime is a mere summarization of the LN!

This is not merely adventuring in a vast field, [Life] is literally possible here. Oh no, I’m not a translator It’s not like tski bad will happen if it is applied.

Well, all 12 months of Aincrad were given names after a kind of tree, so I’m sure it’s an in-game thing. And they cut out a lot of stuff. I need and welcome all the help you give me.


Sword art download progressive light novel baka tsuki

That might be pretty hard to handle a perspective drawing with a cloak ,how to put itif she was just wearing a normal outfit or if the rapier was outside the cloakwe won’t have this strange feelingbutthey had to draw it like the rapier comming across the cloak and this ended by having the impression of the rapier being stabbed into Asuna instead.

Zero, why would Ping scroll the nav bar anyways to see the red links? Even though I won’t like that but if you guys say that you prefer it that way I can do it. I’m glad Ping cares enough to read and respond to my concerns, but it seems like he simply assumed I was complaining about how In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it!

Besides, not all translators are so free as to be tsuk this website all the time. Personally I get what you’re saying. I just need someone I know to go over this. Thinking of itthey never said once that Asuna falled in love with Kirito at the first meeting right?

At least cutting down Kirito and Asuna’s time in Aria serves to address the problem I mentioned in Talk: Chapter one of the first novel is in the sword art online side stories.

I felt that you should know how much the readers enjoy your work and I look forward to more volumes and hopefully more seasons of your SAO anime too. I made a few adjustments thus reducing the swors of the expanded template. Only problem I have with it is that I don’t like how volume 2 works. Implementing SAO Nav will improve not only the navigation but also the rate of translation.

I think it would have been much better if they used the actual ending of Aria, and actually show Kirito in the second floor during the sunset and all that.


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Her redheaded best friend puffed out her circular cheeks in front of her. I hope that this is alright. And besides, the next volume is coming out within a month, and there are other side stories you still haven’t seen translated. I was not trying to shift blame, only point out the issues with said reasoning. There’s no need for that.

Talk:Sword Art Online

It is easy to find and it does not add much, if anything, to the story. With the release of Episode 17, does anyone with as much OCD as myself feel the need to update Lyfa’s name to ” Leafa?

I will agree with you, it is a pretty bad plot hole since you gotta think about it a lot to find a reason. Privacy policy About Baka-Tsuki Disclaimers.

I would be happy to lend a hand to such a great project. I would hence like to propose that we replace the current and if I may say, extremely limited capability carrying nav table system:.

Sword Art Online:Cradle of the Moon Chapter 1 – Baka-Tsuki

So I’ve been a long time visitor of Baka-Tsuki, but never bothered making an account. I fail to see how that’s a reason though as the special with Kirito meeting Asuna was inserted after we tsuji past those event. I say make a full text with reference to Sword Art’s been great read, and it really helps in stress relief.

Well, for those who intend to read it, a small advice: Lyfa – Kirito’s cousin, real name Suguha.