Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream [Barbara Ehrenreich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The New York Times. Bait and Switch has ratings and reviews. Trevor said: Part of ” Barbara Ehrenreich is our premier reporter of the underside of capitalism.” — Dorothy. 5 quotes from Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream: ‘This advice comes as a surprise: job searching is not joblessness; it is a jo.

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I think every high school student should have to read part of it.

Was expecting to like this one more than I actually did. As she sets it out in her introduction, the goal of this book is to show what it takes to find a white-collar job in America.

View all 7 comments. This book was a funny read about the barbarw of job seeking and the sometimes ridiculousness corporate trainers, professional resume writers, and corporate America at large. No trivia or quizzes yet. We read this as a book club selection and no one in our group dug it very much, mostly for the same reasons I didn’t.

Ehrenrwich can think for themselves. However, I thought she spent a little too much time examining the world of ‘career coaching’ and not enough focusing on the plight of the unemployed white collar worker who has searched for months, been forced to take a ‘survival’ job, and generally feels a sense of despair.

Kimberly, her unfailingly perky career coach, advises her to approach people and chirrup, ‘Hi, I’m Barbara and I’m a crackerjack PR person!

Instead of ehrenrecih employees happy so they are loyal and do good work – the tables are turned. Originally, she set her sights on an Executive PR job which no one would have given her with her purported work history.


Bait and Switch Quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich

In Bait and Switch, After the release of her best-selling Nickel and Dimed, an undercover journey to document the struggles of blue-collar employment, Barbara Ehrenreich was constantly approached with the question: There are members of all families ehrenreihc seem to have been born with a disproportionate sense of entitlement. She is proselytized, scammed, lectured, and–again and again–rejected.

Who the fuck is she writing for, anyhow? It also marks the point where Ehrenreich stops playing the good pupil – she cannot stomach the anti-semitism, the ‘bowdlerised Christianity leavened with down-home homophobia’.

But, putting this initial, and only slight objection aside it is fun, after all, to read the narrative of a complete outsider penetrating a new world, even if not entirely convincing my major objection to this book is how callously Ehrenreich dismisses the unemployed workers she interacts with as automatons and gullible fools. Want to Read saving…. So her search is hard, discouraging and ultimately futile.

I really like this author, her other book was terrific, but I felt a bit let down by this one.

She may not mean to have this perspective be there, but the fundamental flaw of her books is that it is all-too present for me. Unfortunately, although that’s the book Ehrenreich set out to write,it’s not what this book turned out to be.

The joke is on you, slave

These are traits that are not only6 unnecessary for most business jobs, they are actually a handicap when it comes to raising through the ranks of large companies.

You can start over, you can add to your skill set, you can accept a lower paying job in your field and move up the ladder again. They love abstract ideas. However, after ten months of effort including hiring a career coach, attending careers fairs, networking with job seekers and signing up for an employment ‘boot camp’ Ehrenreich was unable to find a job, receiving only two offers of commission-based sales work in cosmetics and car insurance.

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The only thing that saved this piece was the author’s incredible wit and funny writing style. This turned into paid internships at prestigious ac Although this book was published inI didn’t read it until Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm is more a reaction to the information than to Ehrenreich’s writing.

Bait and Switch

Let’s put a little more distance between me and my own college career before I switcch seriously thinking about those things. Solutions are far from obvious, and the problem seems even worse now than it did in Thus many are now joining the flow of the downwardly mobile.

But distressed white-collar people cannot be accused of fecklessness of any kind; they are the ones who “did everything right.

Throughout her search, Ehrenreich wsitch encouraged to remake her CV, her wardrobe and her personality. Perhaps you feel the executive status you slaved for is a permanent attribute. This page was last edited on 18 Augustat The bottom line is: Pages to import images to Wikidata.

I agree with Ehrenreich that we should be marching for health care coverage, and to remove more bias from the workplace. But the most interesting part of the book is near the end when she gives up on her own search and interviews the fellow seekers she’s met along the way.