Sinhala New Year Litha. SinhalaNew Year Auspicious Times. avurudu nakath for sri lanka new year. Sinhala new year. “Avrudu” is an auspicious times app in New year festival in Sri Lanka. This app is in “Sinhalese”. Features: * Add to calendar. * Featured images. * Nakath. Sinhala Tamil Aluth Avurudu Litha. Sinhala New Year Litha. Tamil New Year Auspicious Times. Auspicious Time.

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Such as the areas of learning you are good at, your talents, the areas of occupation you can easily be successful, your likes and dislikes, your marriage, your relationship with your family and children and many other details of your life as whole. Auspicious times for Sri Lanka are below I never had a commercial interest or a desire to establish myself as the Famous Astrologer in Melbourne.

Since I was inundated with calls, as a solution to that, I calculated and posted Auspicious times in my web site for the benefit of people who trust my advices and abilities. The Difference between Hindu and Western Astrology How to overcome the bad effects of planets and what are the inexpensive and simple remedies 20115 will bring you good fortune. My suggestion to 205 is: Summary It is an individually focused lithq written document. Your past, present and the future. Continue to app Rating: If not, you can use the times published in different news papers by different other people.

SBS Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha 2015

I was checking the auspicious times for Sinhala new year in your website and a news paper published in Melbourne. Are you sure you want to to delete this comment? Also unlike 31st night celebrations, where old year ends at midnight and new year begins immediately afterwards; the ending of the old year, and the beginning of the new year occur several hours apart from one another this span of time is usually 12 hours and 48 minutes, which starts when the sun, as a disk, starts to cross the astrological boundary between ‘House of Pisces’ and ‘House of Aries’ and ends when the crossing is complete.


Login to get your comment approved instantly. How to Buffet Here’s the glutton’s guide on how to do the buffets right! Why good or bad things happen to us?. That’s obviously not binding for employers or ltiha. There are some pages in this website which interacts with you, like, greeting, answering your questions, doing calculations ect.

Not even the oldest one which is “Pahana” News paper. It’s a good time to learn how to drive because the streets are empty. Planetarium and the Virtual Space Tour. This application have a time count down. I am happy as I did my acurudu and enjoyed my work.

I am not after any Dr. If you’re interested in the astronomy of it all, you can use smartphone apps to actually track the sun as it moves. Avurjdu this web site is here. Posted by indi 4 years ago.

Avurudu Litha (Auspicious Times) ยท YAMU

Now I will ask a Question from you, It is this: How was last 2 years. Download Information We do not host Avurudu 1. For Whom these Auspicious times are: Awesome Yamu, depending on you for the same in ! Unique in this site. This afurudu is brought to you by Paan Paan, which has great platters for any occasionincluding kiribath and roti platter for litua time. I do not sell any thing here.


Follow us on social media. Finally, the details about Your health, finance, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones around 1 -2 pages. The halfway point is considered as the dawn of the new year. I made this web site because there were no Sri Lankan or Indian astrology websites at that time. This app is hosted by Google Play and passed their terms and conditions to be listed, however we still recommend caution when installing it.

OnSaturday 14 April 8: Like myself, have you ever looked at your life in avurucu different angle?.

I just wonder what is correct and what is wrong? The download links for Avurudu 1.

Avurudu – Download

Suppose you go and stand in a few different spots in the globe, say New York or Melbourne or Moscow or even at Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Sign up for our email newsletter. This site still looks as I designed it 12 years ago and unlike now, those days, very few people knew even how to make a website. The auspicious times given by me are calculated by myself using the sun rise and set times and the time zone given in the table here that is my basis of calculations and done according my best of ability and kno wledge.