At the same time, Mercedes-Benz has also been voted the strongest brand in the ADAC AutoMarxX study. nix. The latest on the C- and E- Class. ADAC places BMW on third place in AutoMarxX brand ranking ADAC, publishes their second annual AutoMarxX brand study which consists of . Didnt Benz get a recall last month on 85, vehicles for Power. by Bharat NagpalJune 1, 0 According to the ADAC AutomarxX study, Mercedes-Benz is the most successful brand since AutomarxX was introduced in .

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November 30, at 2: There should not be a defect in the first place.

ADAC places BMW on third place in AutoMarxX brand ranking

Celebrating 50 years of Mercedes-AMG success. Diesel engines are definitely going through some tough times these days.

I agree with FreudeKing about his 5th point. Mercedes-Benz is the most successful brand since AutomarxX was introduced incapturing first place a total of 13 times and beating its competitors in more than half of all the rankings. With its carbon passenger cell, automarxxx electric car not ….

ADAC AutoMarxX: Mercedes-Benz is Germany´s strongest brand | GermanCarForum

All German Cars have reliability issues. During the same period, Audi also deteriorates in the security area from 1. I think the JOY campaign is getting lame and it is also quite irritating.


The new-generation C-Class, for example, impresses not only as a result of its greater efficiency, but also because of its many autimarxx assistance systems. Audi is marketing their sportiness, saying that they are very sporty while BMW is embarking on JOY campaigns with efficient dynamics.

Open for intense pleasure. The automotive benchmark in efficiency and comfort.

The evaluation for the Brand Image category incorporates the results of the ADAC Motorwelt image survey of 4, German respondents as well as an assessment of vehicle residual values.

Honda and Seat complete the first ten auutomarxx.

ADAC places BMW on third place in AutoMarxX brand ranking

Didnt Benz get a recall last month on 85, vehicles for Power steering problems. Update for sutomarxx performance luxury saloon. How safe is the BMW i3 in the worst case of a crash or other incidents? November 30, at News November 28th, by Horatiu Boeriu The improvement was mainly due to the introduction of new, highly efficient engine variants in high-volume models such as the new-generation C-Class.

There is no way I would put Volkswagen or Volvo ahead of Porsche.

November 29, at Lack of customer understanding e. MB is definitely taking the lead on avant-guarde designs. BMW has not been getting their priority right. Volkswagen rank 4 and Volvo Automqrxx 5 have each improved by one place, while Skoda falls back to sixth. In terms of security, the investigation shows that BMW fell from 1.

ADAC AutoMarxX: Mercedes-Benz is Germany´s strongest brand

November 28, at 9: In the image survey, the participants were primarily interested in maximum quality and the highest-possible safety standards. Continued launching of ugly cars subjective but many are in the same view are turning young people away from the brand.


Keep working on it BMW, we can be up there again in no time! It thus provides an overall picture of current performance levels of the leading car brands.

The best indication of the above is market autonarxx, which is also the leading indicator for financial performance.

Newer Post Older Post Home. A winner is ascertained for each category and out of this the overall winner is determined. The significant improvement in the CO2-ranking shows we are successful in this as well.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class: This generation of top German flagship cars are much better. Audi was able to pass BMW with a smaller decline from 1. Our first place finish demonstrates that Mercedes-Benz continues to be the strongest brand.

Orange County Ford says: They have cut cost extensively in all the wrong areas.

The scrutiny on them is at an all time high as the Volkswagen Dieselgate …. Half a century of Driving Performance: