Autoduel Quarterly #4/2 – Autoduel Quarterly Issue 4/2 was published in the summer of The issue featured Designer’s Notes for the new. Autoduel Quarterly. Vol. 9, No. 1 – Spring HTMLized by Michael Panitz. Contents. Rules and Regulations for AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Combat. The Driver’s Seat. By Scott D. Haring. I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?” Actually, it’s been three months. time flies when.

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Neither of these situations requires anything to be “official. In addition to the spin-off video game, Epic Comics published Car Warriorsa four-issue comic book mini-series set in the Car Wars world. All action in Car Wars is simultaneous.

Autoduel Quarterly

Subscribers would receive a bonus in the form of an extra cutout or cartoon on the protective mailing cover. A game in which players come and go, like a campaign at a gaming club, can’t afford to re-argue each point for every new player. Quarterlj Award Winners “. And those are the exceptions.

Darwin would be proud. We’ll continue to put out magazines and supplements full of great ideas for Car Warsbut it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to use them. Imagine a compact with a turreted Vulcan and a ramplate, capable of mph In fact, while the question, “Is this official? I put the finishing touches on Dueltrackour big gasoline-engines-and metal-armor, racing-and-mayhem supplement for Car Wars. It’s entirely up to you.

I’m not so sure it’s important at all that any design or rule be crowned, “Official. After all phases of movement and combat are resolved, a new turn begins.


The Driver’s Seat

For your game, if you want it to be, yes. There were also a series of six gamebooks based in the Car Wars universe, where a player could make choices for the protagonist to affect the outcome of the story. Some would argue that the rules we write take special care to insure game balance, and that rules and gadgets dreamed up by the players out there are less likely to do that. After these wars, there are years of worldwide economic crisis, and related global unrest, during which “death sports” become a popular form of entertainment.

Car Wars uses a number of standard six-sided dice to determine the outcomes of weapon fire, damage and vehicle control during the game. This article is about the Car Wars combat simulation game. If a particular gaming group decided to start making available a “Death Ray” – 1 space, 50 lbs.

For example, quarrerly gadgets at the end of John Ford’s “Alkahest” story are not official, because I specifically said so, in print, in the article. There’s been a fair amount of clamor recently over the proliferation of new gadgets and rules in the pages of ADQand whether or not they are “official.

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I think some experimentation is a good thing – who knows, you quaryerly come up with a new idea that improves the game! It’s out to the AADA chapter clubs now for playtest; once we get it back, there’s sure to be some changes we’ll want to make.

AutoDuel Quarterly 9/1

Car Wars is a vehicle combat simulation game developed by Steve Jackson Games. I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?


Board games introduced in Car Wars Charles S. The game would be less fun because everybody would die so quickly, though, and my guess is that after a session or two, they’d stop using it.

Each turn was initially divided into ten phases first edition then to five phases revised autodue, and finally, in the latest edition Car Wars 5.

As part of movement players may attempt turns and other maneuvers of increasing difficulty. So much for individuality I’m reminded of the scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian where Brian is trying to convince the multitude parked outside his house not to follow him.

Just two suarterly back, John M. The game autodyel the Charles S. In VictorMaxx technologies announced plans for a series of gaming centers based on Car Warswith a prototype site to debut in Chicago in Additional gadgets published in the Uncle Albert Catalogs, and the Uncle Albert and other gadget company ads of issues of Autoduel Quarterly published since the catalogs, are also official.

We’re looking to have it on sale at the end of May, so keep your eyes peeled. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The AADA served as a structured clearinghouse for common rules and guidelines to be followed during ‘official’ events.