In this profound memoir, reformed skinhead Meeink, with assistance from Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story. The author relates his own story of being born into a family of drug addicted parents and abuse. Rootless and without parental oversight or care. Frank Meeink’s life story involves a lot of luck — both good and bad. For many who crossed his path when he was a racist, ruthlessly violent.

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It has the power to change lives. After a couple of hours with those guys, I understood why Shawn recoverlng a Confederate flag hanging in his room.

Reovering the blood and the bruises and the swelling, his eyes were just begging me to do something, to get somebody, to do anything I could to save him. We both had known then that I wasn’t going to go get help, because we both knew I couldn’t.

In the end I gave it 4 because I couldn’t put it down. He had his own public access talk show, called The Reich, he appeared on Nightline and other media outlets as a spokesman for neo-Nazi topics, and he regularly recruited members of his South Philadelphia neighborhood to join his skinhead gang.

Reads like million little pieces autobiogrzphy the co-author has gone to the lengths to verify most of the facts. I only remembered bits and pieces of what Shawn and his friends had taught me, but I remembered enough to know better than to ever confuse a neo-Nazi skinhead with a Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice, a.

This book gives a fair bit of insight into the sad circumstances that foster and cultivate hatred in recent times and, actually, across all time, as those circumstances are not at all limited to recent decades.


Hawthorne Books

I was fourteen years old, and I was a neo-Nazi skinhead. I knew all about skinheads. When Frank Meeink was 16 years old, he had a shaved head and a large tattoo of a swastika on his neck. Meeink is completely forthcoming with all of the brutal crimes he has committed, and describes his drug use as vividly as his memory allows him.

In fact, he recounts the pride he felt when a neo-Nazi leader, freshly released from prison, joins Meeink and his friends in savagely beating homosexuals outside of a bar. A fast read and short so definitely worth the time.

recovernig Those Morgantown skinheads showed me some really good times the summer of I’d seen mosh pits in action before in some of the clubs on South Street, but never anything like this. Jan 05, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: They showed up almost every night. After two years in the ring with a full-grown boxer, I knew how to take a punch.

We all knew each other. Overall, it’s a story of hope and a pretty I heard this guy talking about his life autobography NPR so was interested to read his story.

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead by Frank Meeink

To really tell if autobiograpby guy was a skinhead, you had to go by how he was dressed. Skunhead wasn’t far from my dad’s house, and the other guys who hung out there were older, so they never had any trouble scoring booze. But I was drunk off my ass by then, drunker than I’d ever been in my life, so the words just spewed out: Instead, they laid into what they called “long-hairs,” better known to the rest of the world as skaters.

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In fact, if it hadn’t been for this one wisp of autobiographhy, brown hair that wasn’t matted in blood, I wouldn’t have even known the kid was white. This will subscribe you to all of our newsletters, announcements, and promotional content. Recoverimg guys thought it was freaking hilarious that I had managed to drop out of the eighth grade when I was actually a seventh-grader. But the more I talked to Bob, Tim, and Shawn that night, the more they got me thinking maybe I had it all backwards: I guess this kind of book is more about the good it will do, right?

I was blown away by this book and it also reminded me of ‘American History X’.

Frank Meeink: From Hatred to Harmony – Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

And they gave me a beer, and they start talking ‘multiracial society will never work. It was interesting to read about how a teenager became so angry and full of hate Oct 22, Rebekah rated it it was amazing. I found out about this book thanks to Michael Smerconish. Aitobiography looked just like the skinheads on South Street!

I ran all the way back to my dad’s house. I always knew that racism was not something that made sense for me.