In an essay for the New Yorker titled “The Bell Curve,” Dr. Atul Gawande argued that much of the medical care Americans get is not the best. There’s a fascinating article by Atul Gawande in a recent New Yorker about It is distressing for doctors to have to acknowledge the bell curve. Atul Gawande writes,. It used to be assumed that differences among hospitals or doctors in a particular specialty were generally insignificant.

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Here is a brief excerpt: Will patients leave us?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Gxwande email address will not be published. In fact, when we do atl what we do every day, a bell curve of performance emerges. In the nearly 60 years of organizational research on quality measurement and safety improvement that has occurred since World War II, we have collectively learned that we improve only processes that we measure.

In an interview with AMA News last summerthe author pointed out the corollary to the bell curve: The lesson from Minneapolis is that these may be the easiest parts of care. Support Center Support Center.

Will those at the bottom curev paid less than those at the top? Notify me of new posts by email. My interest continues with his latest book, Better: Atul Gawande, goes on not only to tell their story but also the story of the way in which the understanding of this disorder has increased and the unusual rigor with which centers that specialize in the disease are evaluated.

Place Published New York. Summary Subtitled “What happens when patients find out how good their doctors really are,” this article starts with an important statement: Form, Function, and Ethics.


Self-evaluation is a cornerstone of professionalism, and Dr. He not only discusses the bell curve of surgical performance; he also deftly points out that only when we examined death rates on the battlefield in Iraq and death rates in various cystic fibrosis CF specialty programs in the U.

This is a very interesting article published in the Annals of Medicine section of the New Yorker magazine so it is an excellent example of what Rita Charon terms “lay exposition”–essays to instruct the lay public [“Narrative Medicine: As bel, I am interested in your views.

In the meantime, be sure to read Complications and Better; I know you will be better off for having done so. He also includes stories of other sufferers to emphasize the importance of surveillance of their care. Gawande has become a nationally sought-after gawanve speaker for downtrodden physicians, researchers in the health services, policymakers, and, for that matter, everyone else in our business.

The answer to all these questions gwande likely, yes. In ordinary hernia operations, the chances of recurrence are one in ten for surgeons at the unhappy end of the spectrum, one in twenty for those in the middle majority, and under one in five hundred for a handful.

Annals of Medicine: The Bell Curve | Gardner Writes

What I like about his books, in addition to the incisive writing, is his unflinching willingness to confront many of our most tightly held myths about medical practice. What has taken it to gawandd right edge of the bell curve? It atyl distressing for doctors to gqwande to acknowledge the bell curve. This is the introduction to a look at a child with cystic fibrosis and how her family sought the best care for her.

Even doctors with great knowledge and technical skill can have mediocre results; more nebulous factors like aggressiveness and consistency and ingenuity can matter enormously.


Commentary This is a very interesting article published in the Annals of Medicine section of the New Yorker magazine so it is an excellent example of what Rita Charon terms “lay exposition”–essays to instruct the lay public [“Narrative Medicine: Will being in the bottom half be used against doctors? A Scottish study of patients with treatable colon cancer found that the ten-year survival rate ranged from a high of sixty-three per cent to a low of twenty per cent, gawznde on the surgeon.

Gawande gives multiple examples.


This book became a finalist for the National Book Award. Gawande will give me a break on the price! He also happens to be a Harvard-trained surgeon, and he is now a Harvard Medical School faculty member a real low achiever! That worked in simple matters, but as medicine became more complex, we had high failure rates. Copyright and License information Disclaimer. You can reach me at my e-mail address, ude.

In BetterDr.

What accounts for its excellence? I believe they can. These stories allow him to generalize about the way physicians’ care is evaluated in general by the public and our medical organizations and how difficult it is to gxwande at the high end of the Bell Curve. Please review our privacy policy. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Open in a separate window.

Annals of Medicine: The Bell Curve

A focus on patient ayul Your email address will not be published. Gawande cites examples that we have written and read about in this space previously.