Integrated KVM Console with 15″ or 17″ LCD monitor in a Slideaway housing. Compatible with ATEN KVM switches (CL). Dual Console: two users may. Multiplatform support: ATEN converters enable PS/2 KVM switches to support USB, Sun, and Mac computers. Click for more details. Alternative Models: These . Download for CL / CL cl__pdf Firmware Upgrade, v, , cl__vzip.

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The command lineprompt is the word Hotkey: DoubleClick the choice you want, or move the Highlight Bar to atne then press[Enter]. The flange that supports the switch will be to the inside.

After you have made your device selection sClick Next to perform theupgrade. Page 53 Hotkey OperationSkip ModeThis feature allows you to switch between computers in order to monitorthem manually.

To toggle the Beeper, key in the following Hotkey combination: AppendixClear Login InformationIf you are unable to perform an Administrator login because the Cl1208 Password information has become corrupted, or you have forgotten it,for exampleyou can clear the login information with the followingprocedure: Check the web site regularly tofind the latest packages and information relating to them.

Invoke HKM see p. Page 33 Chapter 4.

ATEN Intl. – Bulgaria

It covers all aspects of installation, configuration andoperation. Wait 10 seconds, then plug the Vl-1208 back in. As you select devices, a detailed description of each appears in the DeviceDescription panel. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? To rack mount the switch, do the following: Selecting the Active PortAuto Scanning. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The shape of these pin connectors has beenspecifically modified so that only KVM cables designed towork with this switch can plug in see the Cables section onp.


F6 is an Administrator only function.

Click Finish to close the Firmware Upgrade Utility. Ifthere are more list entries than there is room for on the Main Screen, thescreen will scroll. To access an OSD function: To pop up the Main Screen, tap the [Scroll Lock] key twice. The screens shown in this section are for reference only. Hotkey OperationHotkey Port Access.

Attach the left and right easy-installation mounting rails to the inside ofthe rack. M When the Mainboard firmware upgrade fails.

To perform a firmware upgrade recovery, do the following: Release the catches; pull the module slightly toward you; then push it allthe way ateb.

ContrastAdjusts the foreground white level of the screen image. Slide the L brackets onto the switch, from the rear until the bracketflanges contact the rack, then screw the brackets to the rack.

Click the port you want, or use the Navigation Keys to movethe highlight bar to it, then press [Enter].


8/Port PS/2 Slideaway LCD KVM Switch – CL / CL, ATEN LCD KVM Switches

Page 9 Chapter 1. Wait a few seconds for the unit to ascertain its Station ID. The devices capable of being upgraded are ck-1208 in the DeviceList panel: Make sure that power to all the devices you will be connectingup have been turned off. The cp-1208 cabledistance should not exceed 20m and, in some cases,may need to be shorter. In order for hotplugging to work properly, however, the procedures described below mustbe followed: Power off the switch and remove the top cover from the unit chassis.

When a port is deselected, thearrowhead disappears.

8-Port PS/2-USB VGA LCD KVM Switch with Daisy-Chain Port and USB Peripheral Support

Slide the rear attachment sliding bracket along the slide bar until itcontacts the rear of the switch, then screw it to the rear of the switch. Four buttonsare used to perform the configuration, as described in the table, below: To invoke Skip Mode, key in the following Hotkeycombination: A separate profile for each is stored by theOSD and is activated according to the Username provided during Login.

Power on the switch.