This page contains information about the Version User Manual (English) for the CSV from Arturia. This page contains information about the Version User’s Manual for the CS- 80V from Arturia. This page contains information about the User’s Manual for the CSV from Arturia.

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To begin we will see how to program a basic sound.

Arturia may also forward these data to engaged third parties, in particular distributors, for support purposes and for the verification of the upgrade or update right. Preset snap shot memories You can select up to four presets, anywhere on the map interface, and save them on up to four snap shot memories.

The PLAY button triggers the arpeggiator, which when a note is played activates the notes one after the other, but stops when there are no active notes held on the keyboard. This allows us to get to the sub-bank and presets of a sound designer with a single click. A preset contains all of the information pertaining to the reproduction of a sound.

The detail view show you the device and an assignable X-Y control. The software may be used only on one of the computers at the same time by using the Arturia key. Let’s look at an example: The Envelope Generator 6. TAE Page 10 – A better reproduction of analog oscillat You can also change the name of the new preset by clicking on its name.

It will be simply composed of: The Single mode similar to the original CS The Multi mode The Single mode presents the exact architecture of the original CS, which is a single timbre, distributed across the whole of the keyboard with an 8 note polyphonic limit.


Arturia CS-80V User Manual

Once that rich sound was coupled with that much performance power, nothing from that era could touch it. When the pedal is off, there is no sustain, when it is on, sustain follows afturia fader setting. Got it, continue to print.

Tuning of track6 tunv7: For the 4 zones: Assignment of Rights You may assign all your rights to use the software to another person subject to the conditions that a you assign to this other person i this Agreement and ii the software or hardware provided with the software, packed or preinstalled thereon, including all copies, upgrades, updates, backup copies and previous versions, which granted a right to an update or upgrade on this software, b you do not retain upgrades, updates, backup copies und previous versions of this software and c the recipient accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement as well as other regulations pursuant to which you acquired a valid software license.

The after touch acts, following the pressure that you apply to the keys of the MIDI keyboard, on the frequency of the 2 high pass filters. Authenticity and then some For example, to see all bass presets, click on All in the bank selections and then on Bass. Try different matrix settings to see how the CSV2 can become an effective solution to design your own sounds.

Release time of the VCA envelope of the second line Off: This system is known as Syncrosoft and permits a permanent use of the software only after the activation process has been totally completed. It creates a kind of detune, if you set the amount to the maximum, the sound becomes much more pronounced. It is possible to choose a reception control for each knob.


Arturia – CSV – Version User’s Manual

A as well as a short release time R. The MODE selector chooses the arpeggio mode: Dry sound is maximum in the high position. At this stage, the use of a key follow is very important as you can create a melody by tuning the cut-off frequency of the filter with the frequency of the oscillators. The ribbon controller 5.

Arturia – CSV – User’s Manual

The original CS possessed no other sources of modulation than those described above. You can then change the name of this bank by clicking on its name in the tool bar and entering the new name.

Setting the filters By clicking on these labels, it is possible to activate or deactivate a filter in order to save on calculation power. The user interfaces for all your Arturia instruments are now resizable, making it easy to work with any High Resolution screen, UHD or Retina. If we stop here, the sound that you will obtain will be uniform, without life and without an manuql.

As you will see, these new additions bring manuql new lease of life to the CSV2.