ARDEX GPS 25# BAG GRAY GENERAL PATCH & SKIMCOAT – Fishman Flooring Solutions. ARDEX GPSTM. Suited for skim coating prior to installing finished floor. Hardens quickly without shrinking. Install over: interior concrete, wood, ceramic tile, and. ARDEX GPS is a product in the Rehabilitation of Precast Concrete category. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports.

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We offer a wide range of top of the line solutions and products, such as: Browse through the product catalogs of ARDEX to get an overview of the technologically advanced products we possess. I also used them for the installation. The ordering process was simple and I was always told exactly where and when my bps would arrive. Whether you are looking forward to stone installations or tiling, whether it is an outdoor job or an indoor job, domestic or commercial, ARDEX provides top-notch systems to get the job done seamlessly.

Being a leader in the market for more than 60 years, ARDEX has evolved itself in a multi-purpose brand, providing industry-leading tiling and flooring options and accessories. At ARDEX, we have a wide array of caulks and sealants meant to give your indoor and outdoor floors and installations proper sealing.

Whether you are looking for sub-floor waterproofing or for roofing, we have a wide yps of membranes that are energy efficient and rapid curing.

From durability, reliability and affordability, ARDEX encompasses all the virtues that an ideal brand should possess. Our compatible solutions ensure all your flooring, tiling and stone installations are fulfilled through one medium. Due to variations in monitor types and printing processes, colors are approximate.


Sound Deadening ARDEX has been the number one manufacturer and seller of sound deadening solutions to reduce impact sound. In addition, they are also extremely important in producing waterproofing effects and channels for evaporation arsex heat exchange.

ARDEX makes all of this easier for you by providing a range of products that are easy to work with and extremely affordable. Ardex High-performance building products. Product Additives Most ARDEX additives are made to improve the overall tensile and shear bond strength of sand and cement screeds, adhesives and renders.

Our reputation speaks for itself, with thousands of our customers endorsing our claims. With long years of experience we are very proud to open our store and share that with you. Over the years, we have maintained our tradition of providing top of the line products, with guarantees that comply with the latest rigidly enforced quality assurance procedures.

Hardens quickly without shrinking. In other words, there are no solvent hazard involved, is quick drying and improves the overall adhesion. Highly recommend and will use again when I redo my bathroom and backsplash the kitchen.

Substrate Preparation When it comes to substrate preparation, a multitude of products and solutions are required to provide the most effective results. We know how that most professionals want to avoid any contact with water but are unable to radex so with inferior products aredx the market.

ARDEX GPS – Skimcoat

Over the years, thousands of professionals have relied upon ARDEX waterproofing solutions to ensure there are zero chances of failure.

Needless to say, our waterproofing products can withstand extreme heat, temperature and moisture. Uncoupling membranes are widely used to uncouple the tiling layer from the substrate. Whether you are looking for de-coupling mats or sound deadening products, we have them all for you.


With years of experience in the industry, we use top of the line technology and expertise in developing our caulks and sealants, to ensure professionals never face the embarrassment of project failure. Visit Our Store Whether you are looking for a single item or a complete home remodel, we have the products, staff, service and convenient location to meet your needs for the price that is attainable. Whether you are looking for a single item or a complete home remodel, we have the products, staff, service and convenient location to meet your needs for the price that is attainable.

ARDEX GPS – Skimcoat

ARDEX is an industry leader in providing high-quality and reliable waterproofing membranes. Our waterproofing systems are completely application specific. They are also extremely low on emissions. Whether you are looking for floating uncoupling membrane or uncoupling systems, we have the technology and innovation to revolutionize the entire process for you. ARDEX is a world leader in providing trusted and reliable system solutions for all aspects of tiling. We offer a wide range of top of the line solutions and arsex, such as:.

Looking for high-quality aardex, grouts or sound deadening products? The crew worked hard, arrived on time and committed to our project until it was finished! Found product you like?

With decades in the industry and being the pioneer of many new technologies related to adhesives, waterproofing systems, caulks and sealants, grouting systems and more, ARDEX is the only brand to trust for professional builders, architects, floor installers and others.