Appetite for Self-Destruction by Steve Knopper – For the first time, Appetite for Self -Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and fall of. Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age: : Steve Knopper: Books. Steve Knopper. · Rating details · ratings · reviews. For the first time, Appetite for Self-Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and.

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May 29, Sean rated it really liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again. Finish a new album, and make it a blockbuster, by Christmas. His grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Austria or Poland — they were never quite clear which — and they spoke Polish and Yiddish around the house.

Knopper, who has been writing about the industry for more than ten years, has unparalleled access to those intimately involved in the music world’s highs and lows. While Knopper makes clear that illegal downloads hurt the industry, he does not place the entire blame on illegal file sharing. Instead, they continued to bicker over digital piracy solutions and were left with no other options, which allowed them to be easily wooed by Steve Jobs of Apple. Seeing the details and history behind the indu Oh, the U.

Me cheap not really. Bogart equipped all fourteen of its executives with brand-new Mercedeses. With unforgettable portraits of the music world’s mighty and formerly mighty; detailed accounts of both brilliant and stupid ideas brought to fruition or left on the cutting-room floor; the dish on backroom schemes, negotiations, and brawls; and several previously unreported stories, Appetite for Self-Destruction is a riveting, informative, and highly entertaining read.

The book did introduce me to the fascinating and elusive — no really, someone is babysitting that Wikipedia page and doing a fine job of it — Clive Calder. Out of disco’s ashes had risen a new sales monster, Thrillerwhich established the video-driven blueprint for fellow superstars Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince.


Her staff eventually disappeared entirely.

Jul 21, David rated it liked it. Sadly, this is too little, too late. A wide-angled, morally complicated view of the current state of the music business As with countless other industries, the key narrative boils down to an industry blinded by its success with its current business model and the resulting refusal to see that the world around them had completely changed. Unwittingly, he rallied ten thousand fans to storm the field, jnopper down the foul poles and turning the record explosion in center field into a raging bonfire.

An emissary from Siemens showed up at precisely 9: This sequencing is clear and knolper, providing for easy understanding.

Appetite for Self-Destruction

It was the new mantra of white America. How was it self-destructioon an incredibly 4. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! To self-destructiion what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But nobody had ever attempted a twenty-fourhour music-video channel.

From flooding the market with disco in the 70’s to suing downloaders in recent days, Knopper examines the failings and missed opportunities that cost the record industry in a monumental way.

I hope everyone from the author to the copyeditor has A quite nice discussion of the imploding record industry as opposed to the music industry. Even so it’s worth sticking with, despite its dry, acedemic style it even has summary sections like any good text book as it’s a decent summary of the decline of the music business, even if the conclusions won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone in any way interested in popular music.

That part of the plan was not popular. I’d recommend it to those particularly interested in the subject who wouldn’t be put off by an almost complete focus on the music industry in the USA.


He found a compatriot in twenty-eight-year-old Mike Veeck, a failed rock guitarist. Steve Dahl’s Chicago demolition-turned-riot may have killed disco commercially, but the fans were still alive — and Jackson was a master of providing the slinky rhythms to warm their hearts. You didn’t appettite to be a marketing genius in the s to Be the first to ask a question about Appetite for Self-Destruction.

His book, Appetite for Self-Destruction: Lists with This Book.

Appetite for Self-Destruction : NPR

Nov 27, Justin rated it really liked it. And they stopped buying. When the record companies saw that happening, they put any old piece of garbage in that wrapper. About a third of the way through his reading style changes to a lower, more listenable tone, but his over-enunciation Want to Read Currently Reading Read. May 19, Kerry rated it really liked it. In fact, he says, the channel couldn’t wait to play the Thriller videos. The most important music business guy behind the success of Thriller was Yetnikoff, a coke-addicted, fastliving, bomb-throwing, disrespectful, disloyal provocateur.

Appetite for Self-Destruction eBook by Steve Knopper | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

That said, the book is an easy read, engaging at all times. The record industry and music industry are two separate animals. While Knopper hits on the eccentric fod of the players in the business, he eschews the gossipy tone typical this type of books and instead points to the business problems that brought the industry down.

This sounds more like price fixing and could be up for an investigation. Knopper, who has self-deshruction writing about the industry for more than ten years, has unparalleled access to those intimately involved in the music world’s highs and lows.