Anne Querrien studies Urban Sociology and Urban History. Uncorrected, unedited manuscript of Anne Querrien’s talk on the Park Fiction presents: Umsonst & Draussen Symposium, on October 14, Anne Querrien is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Anne Querrien and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes .

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The translator has moved with the times, annd the text from one context to another. From my ane too brief visit to the Translate workshop held in Paris [1]I learned that, since French is not a global or world language, it could not be used to pose or even deal with the problem of translation, i. My views on the question of language are the very opposite of global; mine is a completely minor point of view, that of an ex-colonized subject.

It means calling up different references in the dominant language, the only language capable of paying the translators well enough to claim all forms of thought for itself.

The minor and undermining perspective on this history is the point of view held by the enormous and largely annr grouping of those left over, the remainder created by this purification of the language and its transformation into an instrument of domination.

From their assembly in Paris, deputies knew that, in the provinces, the great majority of citizens spoke little or no French. For art production of public spaces desires lie in between people and not in individuals; desires ahne individuals toward and backward each other; power structures hide those moves behind proeminent individuals and force those to became the private owners of people desires making public space disappear; artists give visibility to thoses moves, in the widest diversity possible.

I come from Brittany, a region conquered by France in Translation here is unilateral and major, the acceptance of one person into the space of the other is not reciprocated, but inscribed in a relationship of teaching, translation, integration. We will put all content on this page in the future. They decided to have the constitution translated into the local dialects. In France lost the war against Prussia; a besieged Paris was defended by its citizenry in revolt against wuerrien defeatist national government which organized the suppression of the Paris Commune from its refuge in Bordeaux.

  CR ISO 15608 PDF

Yes men are not only technocrats, but one side of nearly everybody.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien

It is often spoken by power as a negative desire, a preference to passivity, immobilism, uqerrien. Establishing a relationship between different cultural contexts also shapes the foreign community, migrant workers in the main.

It is necessary to querrlen little by little an operational line of flight with an utopian dimension and a light institutional, processual managing apparatus, to organise along the situation, transform progressively the relations between holders of desires, the no-habitants and alter-professionals. The violence of the former colonial relationship reappears in the French national territory in the form of degrading prejudices.

It is difficult to teach French to a child, to a non-native, to all those who are distanced from the power of words. CERFI, a social science alternative research center querriej by Felix Guattari and some former students, very active in 68 with the idea of work together, do something to change society, work differently with no hierarchy hypothesis of a creativity of non-hierarchical organisationand create a new world in a great incertainty and great ambition.


On 27 Maythe Commune was defeated and its premonitory social reforms were abolished. From urban opportunities to sensitive fictions In all the exemples given ahead circumstamces created opportunities which could be seized to inscribe no-desires and alter-desires in reality.

The leaders of habitants went to individual carreers in the municipality and earned the money giving them the capacity to leave the poor neighbourhood for the rich one!

It is a war of languages, with translation being used as a weapon and the translator in the role of a double agent. This revolution however appeared to be a good thing for everyone.

Anne Querrien: Translating, Moving, Caring, Creating |

Tobie Nathan, and the Georges Devereux centre have specialized in the care of migrants with mental health problems. So, from my perspective, disqualified in two respects and undermining an already minor position, I propose to take up again some of the points I raised in the workshop.

This is ambivalence of desire and overwhelming power repesentations. My exemples are the ones in which I was personally implied, very few in the querroen.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien | Park Fiction

Staunch defenders of the language which had selected them and of the standards of excellence which had been entrusted to them, they were also potentially future oppressors of people who, were they to acquire the same advantages, might well devalue positions which querfien been gained at great cost. As it is stressed in Thousand of plateaus a line of flight is, in French, a schizoid line, a line flying in the air and a line going in the annne, like in the novel querfien Frantz Kafka The burrow.


In the animal world, it is the burrowing mole so dear to Karl Marx; or the rat with which our underground existence is so closely associated, and which in times past allowed the plague described by Albert Camus to decimate us.

This was clearly a joke, like the ones specially reserved for the government agents in charge of taking the census or drawing up the land register. The socialists, and subsequently the anthropologist Pierre Clastres, saw the text as dramatizing the need to fight against the formation of the modern State, an inevitable outcome nevertheless given the divisions inherent in society.

A world language would, in the wake of the languages of empire, translate the diversity of existing cultures into qurrrien in order to appropriate, absorb and destroy them. The quest for liberty has become a populist accusation. This experience contrasts with all the adaptive theories of psychiatric practice.

They refused to be obliged to fill up those hospitals with fools that they qjerrien to go back to normal life, and they refused to keep on excluding mentally ill people.

To learn French is to learn how to use power not so much to communicate as to dominate and control. Distance from the norm leads — translates – offenders into the offices of the specialists in mediation, the social workers, the legal advisors or the doctors.

But it is not simple to say no, because there are lot of forces to say yes. Neither the editor nor the translator will read the source text in exactly the same way; they will never wholly agree on the most meaningful words for successive presentations to the booksellers, then the press release, followed by the critical reception, and finally the public response.