The latest Tweets from Andy Yosha (@AndyYosha): “Hey everone, I’m closing My genius coder just showed me the progress of the new forum. View Andy Yosha’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Andy has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. PUA Training’s Daygame Blueprint reviews by real consumers and expert editors . See the good and bad of Andy Yosha, Tom Torero, Yad’s advice.

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Reviewed by yoshq May 27, Why would you go to a place with a lot of competition and the girls are wary of every guy if you can yoxha meet women somewhere else, right? Yad has another infield footage clip here where he breaks down what he’s doing when talking to two girls. Probably the most impressive thing about these in-field videos of Yad is how unimpressive they are.

User Reviews of Daygame Blueprint. Guest Speakers There are a few guest speakers throughout the course, with a lot of interesting ideas to share, including a discussion on how to build happiness and supercharge your self-esteem. The goal was simple: It explains everything really well and I recommend it to anyone.

Students are provided the best training when it comes to learn the art of pick up. There are five different modules included, with a number of lengthy videos in each, as well as a bonuses section. This module includes other stuff from handling objections and tests, approaching groups of women, steps to sleep with her within minutes of approaching her, and the infield footage of the bounce back.

The best way to do that, as advised here, is to give her a yoshs compliment based on something you notice any her.

This is the reason why a lot of guys prefer to seek some help from pick up artists. Yosha was an excellent speaker, but a few times might’ve stepped on Yad’s toes. Dxygame customer service very responsive? You might be wondering about who Andy Yosha is? Being that I’m still a beginner to this stuff, I can’t really point out any particular negative aspects of this program other than I wish they had gone over some more “areas” to pick up women in other than daygaje street like the beach, for example.


She’s in a totally different state of mind. Andy used his communication skills and even his personal experience to teach students how to woo girls on the streets of London by using direct, sincere, and authentic approach. After investing few years of his life studying graphics design, he started his career at PUATraining. Enter your email Your email address is kept private.

Andy Yosha guy comes over like a wet blanket. This is the best way to learn daygame yoshx and attracting women during the day.

Very detailed product that covers everything you could want to know about meeting women during the daytime. The best part is that in Day Game it is best to throw a straight up compliment at her about something in particular whereas, at a bar or night club But sometimes a speaker goes really deep into something which makes it kinda hard to understand at first.

Can you stop her, get her attention, engage her in a few minutes of conversation, and meet again later that night?

The Summer of Daygame (Part One) – video dailymotion

Some of the questions called out by audience members ddaygame be heard in some instances when they aren’t given a microphone. Unbreakable – The Confidence and The Daygame Blueprint was recorded at a seminar in central London a few years ago. Focuses on the big picture and only teaches you the things you need to know to get the best results now and in the long term. It will not appear anywhere.

Daygame Blueprint by Andy Yosha & Yad

As Yad says, unless a woman feels she has a sense of who you are and you have a genuine interest in her, things aren’t going to go anywhere. During that time, he was completely focused and did not have any intentions of getting into the field of pick up artists.


In the daytime, you really don’t have this luxury. So with this in mind, women already have this mindset and they KNOW they’re going to be approached by multiple guys. I’m personally a big fan of the Day Game concept more so than Night game.

Once you see how to apply this, it becomes easier than you might imagine to go on an instadate with someone you’ve only been talking to for a couple of minutes. Cancel your subscription any time.

The Summer of Daygame (Part One)

Because there is so much detail here, there is nothing that is left out. Helpful ebooks, videos, downloadable mp3s from: So he tried the streets learning the hard way. There are no subtitles. Because there is so much andu here it takes a long time to watch all the videos.

Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous. Not sure whether she was hired or previously gamed. Mystery’s videos are always unwatchable because Mystery performs in loud clubs and bars. Plus conversation topics you can use to get her to open up to you. It’s mostly for any area outside of a Bar or Nightclub type of scene.

Andy is the founder and CEO of Daygame.

Andy Yosha

It’s amazing how simple the initial approach sounds but they break everything yksha very well. Andy found the whole thing really enticing and thought about exploring this arena. During one of the in-field clips some footage is not available at a key time when the cameraman got lost. Reviewed by Brainbuster May 23, There he worked as a graphic designer and was completely devoted to his 9 to 7 job.