On March 12, Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, “The New Species”. It is very brief – approximately words. As she expressively forbids reposting. Amitakh Stanford – Xee-A Twelve Rescue Quotes. Uploaded by oneironaut. This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness. By Amitakh Stanford Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth .

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Anything that isn’t popular is not evil and has been given to us by Godand therefore, popularity should be avoided at all costs which shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

Amitakh begins by pointing out the imperceptible truth that the world has turned to shit. This can be done by trickery, amiatkh, temptation, bribery, punishment, torture or other means. It then asks why we are so afraid of Death, followed by the simple answer that it’s because Satan programmed us to be afraid of death.

Amitakh Stanford

If the perpetual motion of the planets — the merry-go-round — stops, the illusion crumbles, and all the viable True-Light beings in the entire solar system are liberated from the entrapments of Darkness.

Because everything in Satan’s Virtual Reality is a slave to motion, when something stops being in motion, it dies. Breast implants are also the work of the Annunaki. Even if God told him to amitkh so? It is this fear that will eventually topple the entire physical universe.


The time is now. Previous Quote Next Quote.

This was no surprise since Number Four has been the most abused by the Shadows. Prior to that release, Hitler’s Germany stamford to be invincible.

Amitakh Stanford Archives – How To Exit The Matrix : How To Exit The Matrix

Human Affairs Affected by Alien Rifts. I also have the counter-sound which I used to neutralize the Dark Word. Beside the main group that openly serves the ruling elite, others are blackmailed, some are bribed and still others are coerced into service.

The Light Beyond the Light. Oh, and negative numbers are evil. Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes Matter are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death. Here’s how shit stancord The second group, known by the aliens as the Pers-sires and by Amitakh as the Vulturites, are bitter enemies of each other. Another thing that is not what it appears to be is Matter.

If Amitakh and Dr. The sixth symmetrical solid is the sphere, the most evil and diabolical of the group. Before you begin reading this article, here are a few things you should familiarize yourself with, just to make things less confusing:. False Light souls are evil, but have True Light particles in them. Number Four is the model used by the Shadows in many of Its “prisons”. Vertical Time Backfires on Darkness.


Rags to Riches in the Anunnaki World. The “Gods” Are Crazy.

Why then why is Dr. Her mission here on Earth has been to keep an eye on an evil alien being known as Ikluk, so in order to do this, she had to marry him. It was created by a putrid, demented Mind.

The Research of Amitakh Stanford

I am an extraterrestrial being — code name — Amitakh. Needless to say, stafnord morons are easy to troll. All of the trapped True-Light beings in the Virtual Reality are assisted by the Light to awaken to the degree necessary to sustain them until they can be amitakj. It is not for the sceptics and those programmed by the ruling elite, as they will probably never be able to see through the programming.

However, after the Reptilians and the Vulturites started their drama war, the Reptilians hid the device somewhere in the Middle East. The reason this rescue mission was inspired is because Satan is kidnapping True Light warriors and putting them in his prison for slavery and mind control.

Far North Queensland’s a special place. As said by Truthism. Joseph Chiappalone was convicted of the brutal gang-bashing of two cult members amitwkh the late ‘s.