Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Alesis iO4. Quick Start Guide – Page 3 an AC outlet. 4. BOX CONTENTS y iO4 y Power adapter y USB cable y Software DVD y Quickstart Guide y Safety Instructions. Buy Alesis iO4 – USB Recording Interface featuring 4 Input / 4 Output (bit), 2 Input / 2 Output (bit) 4 Microphone Preamps. User Manual PDF mb.

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For the output, I connected the audio interface to my hi-fi alesos, so the synths and computer backing now play back through my hi-fi, giving a much richer sound than Majual had with my PC speakers.

I chose Acid on the strength of its reviews, and partly on price. This is where you connect your synthesizers real or virtual to the MIDI tracks for playback. I’ll write about the others I’ve discovered in another post in the future.

Alesis iO4 Manuals

Here, you can adjust the audio levels and assign instruments to the MIDI tracks. You can play back the recording using the same or different physical or virtual instruments. Although with hindsight it seems obvious that they would be because you would want to be able to control the uo4 and right channel independentlyI spent some time trying to work out why one channel wasn’t coming through.

Follow the instructions on your number, click the ” Support ” menu and select “Update eLicenser License Database. Earn points for your review! Home Pro Audio fzyrzyeqswtwywyrryebvryztwatv.

You’ll get much more out of trying to master one application than tinkering with lots of them. The dials on it enable you to adjust the gain, so you can ensure that you record at a sensible level and don’t push the volumes to a level where the sound distorts. Adjusts the channel 7 audio gain You can use the player below to hear the music I’ve uploaded so far.


Adventures in Modern Recording

Posted by kayjayjt 2 years ago. The audio interface I chose was the Alesis io4. Alesis iO4 Support and Manuals. A midi in and out let’s you control software at the same time. For soft synths, I’ve found Computer Music magazine akesis a good resource. Which means you’re using the keyboard to send and receive musical note information. At the bottom-right is the mixing console.

However, it’s easy to get distracted messing around with software. If you have one, please go to begin UK freelance journalist, author and copywriter Sean McManus. I was told that the manual was only available to people who bought the product.

Note that the iO4 is set to this output. Free Alesis iO4 manuals!

Quick Start Guide – Page Haven’t done too much with it yet, but worked easily in Garage band. See any errors on this page?

Alesis iO4 Manuals

Users are able to record and monitor up to eight channels of audio four in and four out in bit mode or four channels two in, two out in bit mode. If you’re using SoundCloud, please follow me at https: One strength of SoundCloud is that it enables you to get feedback on your music too. Skip navigation Accessibility Search Help. Click on the Add Bus button and selecting the Stereo configuration.


For the audio, I started off by just recording into the mic input on my PC, but that was limited in a couple of ways. It’s easy to get started with home recording, as I hope this article will show! I’ve also found a few people that I don’t know have discovered my music and left feedback, which is a great experience.

I also have a Yahama mini keyboard from the 80s, a Yamaha home keyboard from the 90s, and a Casio home keyboard from the 00s. When you’re recording music you spend so long listening to it that it’s hard to stay objective and sometimes ideas slip through that impartial listeners would say don’t work.

Firstly, it gave me relatively limited control and information about the volumes going into the PC, and secondly it only enabled me to record one instrument at a time, and involved a lot of plugging and unplugging to switch keyboards.

Find free Alesis iO4 manuals and user guides available at ManualOwl. Over the last few months, I’ve been using them separately and together to record new music on my Windows-based computer, so I thought I’d share my experiences. Rated 5 out of 5 by Cechbrad30 from Great versatile interface! About Me Search Contact. You can cut bits and edit the recordings afterwards, but you’re capturing sounds not data.