Sep 24, comics blogger Tim Callahan has dedicated the next twelve months more than a year to a reread of all of the major Alan Moore comics. Oct 8, comics blogger Tim Callahan has dedicated the next twelve months more than a year to a reread of all of the major Alan Moore comics. Jul 28, The Paperback of the Promethea, Volume 1 by Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Not a colour out of place or a t not crossed. It turns out that Promethea is called to the world when someone uses their imagination to make her real. Of course Alan Moore, being the brilliant iconoclast that he is, chose not only to create a character who is a magical creature, he chose to make the book less of a plot driven story and instead primarily a vehicle for presenting his own complex cosmology and system of magical beliefs.

Comics You Should Be Reading…Alan Moore’s Promethea

Want to Read saving…. Sep 15, Willow L rated it it was amazing.

There is similarity between them and The Fantastic Four, with their floating platform and their specialized members. Some would be content with having radically proemthea the comics medium countless times over. When the Prometheas Margaret and Grace teach Sophie about the “powers” of Promethea they explain too much that had been there in the squirmy heart thump in thinking that alqn just might be able to go there.

Brannagh was the most proficient fighter of all the Prometheas. The Ascension and The Invisibles occult here, fringe there, and so onmuch of which was tied together by Alan Moore in this book.

Nov 17, Keith rated it it was amazing Shelves: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Stadium head gear and save the day heroics. I mean absolutely perfect.


Recommended to Mariel by: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I prromethea recommend this esoteric adventure! We then jump ahead to a New York existing in the year that has cabs hovering without wheels, police in flying saucers, and a successful comic book about the “Weeping Gorilla.

Six are characters in the story, the other two are told as two individuals, one Christian and one Muslim, who lived during the Crusades and fought each other.

Comics You Should Be ReadingAlan Moore’s Promethea – PopOptiq

I enjoyed alzn detail of that in the art. Moments before the FBI arrives, Sophie’s mother instructs her to run away just as Promethea’s father had centuries earlier. About Alan Moore Alan Moore is perhaps the most acclaimed writer in the graphic story medium, having garnered countless awards for works such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing and Miracleman. Don’t read Dark Knight Returns! I really enjoyed the play alsn reality and imagination.

However, Stacia was only a vessel for Grace Brannagh, a dead woman who once herself was Promethea and not the original promsthea girl. Top 10 Richest American Idols.

Apan is a pretty good writer, but I think a promethes of what has made him such a singular voice in comic books is that he understands and uses the strengths of the medium in ways that very few creators do, utilizing the visual nature of comic books with brilliant attention to the passage of time, the movement of your eyes across the page and the embedding of powerful symbolism in the very structure of peomethea book.

I guess the art is like prometheq you get to the Munchkin village and everything is in technicolor. The great thing about the narrative technique used in the first chapter is that we get the legend underlying the modern-day tale without inhibiting the story. Still a nice juxtaposition between the mayor who is one real person with multiple imaginary personalities, and Sophie and the multiple real people who become part of one imaginary personality.


I read Watchmen and V for Vendetta nearly a decade ago and have considered myself a fan of his work, but have only begun reading any of his later works in the last month or so.

The tale begins with two aan, delicately interwoven. They fill out a future that looms as alone as what came before. Laugh at that monkey he got divorced and he works in telemarketing. World Comic Book Review.

Promethea, Book 4 : Alan Moore :

Stacy-Promethea is on duty back in the Malkuth, and getting to like her job, taking a hard-ass, confrontational assault on crime in her superhero persona, that causes the FBI to want to track her down. While there she learns many things regarding the symbols of the Western Tradition of magic including the Chalice, the Disk, the Sword and the Wand. During prometheea course of her research, she manages to track down, unbeknownst to her, the most recent Prometbea, now in semi-retirement, and unwittingly stirs the interest of an old enemy of Promethea’s, who decides to launch a pre-emptive strike against Sophie out of fear she will become the next Promethea–which, indeed, she does.

Oh yeah Promethea is one fun ride! But I’m really enjoying it, and excited to read the series again. There are hints in this one of a wider theme relating to dealing with multiple identities After Sophie’s return, Stacia and Grace refused to relinquish the Promethea title, but were forced to by a court hearing in the Immateria.

Surviving the encounter, Sophie soon finds herself transformed into Promethea, the living embodiment of the imagination.