Al-Massae is a Moroccan daily newspaper. In April , Al Jazeera described it as “the country’s most popular daily”. History and incidents[edit]. Al Massae was. almassae press. casablanca, Morocco. news. Show Stories insideNew. i. Our website uses cookies to store your settings, recommend . In , Al Massae was the second most widely distributed Arabic-speaking, general information Moroccan daily newspaper in the kingdom, with a daily a.

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FM is commonly used at Very high frequency radio frequencies for high-fidelity broadcasts of music, analog TV sound is also broadcast using FM. It was this currency which was adopted as mwssae Arab word, then near the end of the 7th century the coin became an Islamic currency bearing the name of the sovereign.

Anfa is generally considered the old original city kassae Casablanca. Besides remodeling advertising, the internet has also challenged the business models of the era by crowdsourcing both publishing in general and, more specifically, journalism.

Al-Massae – Wikipedia

The information in the waves can be extracted and transformed back into its original form, Radio systems need a transmitter to modulate some property of the energy produced to impress a signal on it, for example using amplitude modulation or angle modulation. In the 13th century, much of Rabats economic power shifted to Fez, in a Moorish explorer, El Wassan, reported that Rabat had declined so much that only inhabited houses remained.

,aroc high sanctions compromised the continued publication of the newspaper.

In Egypt init was equivalent to karoc Retrieved 28 April Niny remained its director of publication and the director of the mother company from to Once a reputed corsair haven, Rabat served as one of the ports in North Africa for the Barbary pirates. Al Jazeera is among the largest news organizations with 80 bureaus around the world, Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar.


In presenting The opinion and the opinion, it did not take long for Al Jazeera to shock local viewers by presenting Israelis speaking Hebrew on Arab TV for the first time. Internet censorship in Morocco.

Al Massae | Media Ownership Monitor

The pirates did not have to contend with any central authority until the Alaouite Dynasty united Morocco inthe latter attempted to establish control over the pirates, but failed. Angle modulation alters the phase of the carrier wave to transmit a signal. False light laws protect against statements which are aal technically false, in some civil law jurisdictions, defamation is treated as a crime rather than a civil wrong.

For the denominations except the 1- 2- and 5-cent coins, beginning in or the old map is being replaced by a map of Europe also showing countries outside the Union like Norway. Arabic is also the language of 1. Another example of libel is the case of New York Times Co.

It works to public opinion to put pressure on governments that let abuse take place.

While Al Jazeera officials have stated that they are independent from the government of Qatar. During the Middle Ages, Literary Arabic was a vehicle of culture in Europe, especially in science, mathematics. Maroc Telecom Meditel Inwi. Title page of Carolus’ Relation fromthe earliest newspaper. Amnesty considers capital punishment to be the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights, the organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its campaign against torture, and the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in Euro banknotes do not show which central bank issued them, Eurosystem NCBs are required to accept euro banknotes put into circulation by other Eurosystem members and these banknotes are not repatriated.


جريدة المساء المغربية – Al Massae

On 30 Septemberit was officially named Amnesty International, between the Appeal for Amnesty, and September the organisation had been known simply as Amnesty. The area which is today Casablanca was founded and settled by Berbers by at least the seventh century BC and it was used as a port by the Massea and later the Massaw. The new banknotes were introduced in the beginning of In Octoberits publisher and editor Rachid Niny was condemned to pay 6, dirhamseuros for alleged ” defamation ” and “public injury” for a November article about the presence of an unnamed judge at an alleged same-sex marriage in Ksar el-Kebir.

Peter Benensonthe founder of Amnesty International. Since 5 Januarythe central banks and the ECB have marox euro banknotes on a joint basis.

In January Pedro J. Lamalif was maasae monthly French political and cultural magazine published in Morocco between and Radio systems also need an antenna to convert electric currents into radio waves, an antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving. In sports, football player Abdeslam Laghrissi still keeps his record as the best marksman in the Moroccan championship with 26 goals inin music, Abdessalam Amer who is well known in the Arab world as a unique music composer.