All about Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadare. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Aksidenti: roman. Front Cover. Ismail Kadare. Onufri, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Aksidenti. The novel in question is, of course, Broken April by Ismail Kadaré who has City (Darka e Gabuar: ), and The Accident (Aksidenti: ).

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People say bizarre things to each other and respond in bizarre ways.

Kadard story is set long after the end of Communist rule in Albania. Americans on dates talk about tv shows, movies, stuff and money.

Ismail Kadare

How could the states of this quarrelsome peninsula, after committing every possible abomination known to this world — murdering, bombing, setting entire populations at each other’s throats and then deporting them — find the time, now that the madness was over, instead of making reparations, to enter into such minor matters as unusual car accidents? Consigliato agli scettici socratici. In English, his works have been translated by David Bellos.

Retrieved 26 August Books and Writers kirjasto.

Edith’s Miscellany: Book Review: Broken April by Ismail Kadaré

Perhaps I am not an art connoiseur or this could just be a pretentious boring drivel including gratuitous self-references, going aksudenti nowhere.

In doing this, the novel is extremely successful, but it certainly addled my brain, especially late at night when I read most of it! Something happens — something distracts the driver — and he goes off the road.


In the context of a fragmenting, war-torn Balkans it is — even iamail its consistent focus on just two people and their love affair — also a deeply political no An ambiguous and elliptical novel made up of complex and contradictory narrative threads.

Liber qe tban konfuz shume, po tmban t’lidhur me ta dej n’fund. Yet, I have always believed and fight still to believe in beauty, nat Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. While studying literature in Moscow he managed to get a collection of his poems published in Russian, and there he also wrote his first novel The City with no Signs inintentionally kwdare the rules of socialist realism.

The ismsil main characters – Besfort and Rovena – could each represent a nation or region, and one could read into their relationship the relationship between these two areas.

Not your usual carcrash lit. Kadare’s novels draw on Balkan history and legends.

Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil)

Kadare doesn’t insult the reader. Inhe was awarded the bi-annual Jerusalem Prize. Fundacion Princessa de Asturias. Syte, qe gjer atehere is,ail ndjekur tymin e cigares, i dritesoheshin mallengjyeshem. Before Gjorg can concentrate on those final thirty days of his life, half of March and half of April, he still has to fulfil some more duties set in the Kanun.

Il giorno 17 ottobre, al km 17 di una strada che porta all’aeroporto un taxi finisce fuori strada: An ambiguous and elliptical novel made up of complex and contradictory narrative threads.

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As the investigation into their deaths deepens, a lonely researcher will uncover a mutually destructive relationship that blurs the line between fact and fiction, fear and desire, and love and fixation over the course of twelve years.

The depiction of the lovers also felt really misogynistic which would fit later depiction of Orpheus, I guess. During the ordeal, he stated that “dictatorship and authentic literature are incompatible. He has been a leading literary figure in Albania since the s. Vienna, primi anni kadage nuovo millennio. The complete works except for the essays of Ismail Kadare were published by Fayard, simultaneously in French and Albanian, between and We are fast becoming the kingdom of porn stars and prudes working in concert to confuse a society increasingly incapable of understanding true love or what meaning is.

His first novel, The General of the Dead Armysprang from a short story, and its success established his name in Albania and enabled Kadare to become a full-time writer. No other vehicles are involved.

It was an interesting read which taught me some things about blood feuds in the Mediterranean region altogether and not just in Albania. He has divided his time between Albania and France since