AISC 358-10 PDF

AISC 358-10 PDF

When AISC was issued, there were five prequalified connections ( Chapter 5 through 9). Since , four additional prequalified. Approved by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel ANSI/AISC , Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment. ANSI/AISC ANSI/AISC s An American National Standard Prequalified Connections for. Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for.

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Applicable provisions in FEMA d are incorporated into the procedure as well. Beam web-to-column flange connections shall satisfy the following limitations: Built-up box-columns shall not have a width or depth exceeding 24 in.


Further, for most specimens, the bottom flange backing was removed aosc a reinforcing fillet added, top flange backing was fillet welded to the column, and weld tabs were removed at both the top and bottom flanges.

The attachment of continuity plates to column webs is designed to be capable of transmitting the maximum shear forces that can be delivered to the continuity plate.

For both systems, where the beam supports a concrete structural slab that is connected between the protected zones with welded shear connectors spaced at maximum of 12 in. The contour of the weld end shall provide a smooth transition to adjacent surfaces, free of notches, gouges and sharp corners. Linear interpolation may be used for lesser values of beam width reduction.

It is permissible to place compressible material in the gap between the column flanges and the concrete structural slab.

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CJP groove welds shall be used for the stiffener-to-end-plate weld. Bolted flange plate connections in SMF systems with concrete structural slabs are only prequalified if the concrete structural slab is kept at least 1 in. Moment-connected beam webs are also shop-welded to the CWX.


Three different electrode designations have commonly been used in these tests: This process shall be repeated until 12 crack-free samples are obtained prior to production. Based on the available data, beams with RBS connections that support a concrete structural slab are not required to have a supplemental brace at the RBS. The clip shall be detailed to facilitate suitable weld terminations for both the flange weld and the web weld. 358-01

Confirm that the number of bolts selected in Step 4 is adequate. Qualification shall demonstrate familiarity with inspection and acceptance criteria used in evaluation of cast steel products.

These beam flange-to-column flange weld requirements reflect the practices used in the test specimens that form the basis for prequalification of the WUF-W moment connection and reflect what are believed to be best practices for beam flange groove welds for SMF and IMF applications.

If a beam at the node does not require a moment connection, the size of the CWX remains unchanged and a shear plate connection is shop-welded to the CWX to accommodate a nonmoment beam that does not need to match the nominal depth of the momentconnected beam s. Cyclic testing has shown that use of weld access holes can cause premature fracture of the beam flange at extended end-plate moment connections Meng and Murray, Built-up Members The behavior of built-up I-shaped members has been extensively tested in bolted endplate connections and has been demonstrated to be capable of developing the Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications,incl.

Weld tabs are not required at the ends of the CJP groove weld at the beam web. Steven Hofmeister Gregory H.

Current Standards | American Institute of Steel Construction

Bolt holes in beam webs, when detailed qisc accordance with the individual connection provisions of this Standard, shall be permitted. Any repair of gouges and notches by filling with weld metal must be made using filler metals with the required notch toughness.


Otherwise, the following relationship shall be satisfied for the fillet weld attachment of the bracket to the beam flange: At each ConXL node there are four collar corner assemblies Figure Consequently, it is required that the web-to-end-plate weld s in the vicinity of the inside bolts be sufficient to develop the strength of the beam web. For tapered members, the depth of the beam at the connection is used qisc determine the limiting span-to-depth ratio.

A key feature of the WUF-W moment connection is the use of a special weld access hole. Aisf testing NDT of cascaded weld ends need not be performed. Assembled ConXL moment connection. The limited amount of weak-axis aidc has shown acceptable performance. Compute the shear force at the center of the reduced beam sections at each end of the beam. Check the column panel zone according to Section 7.

When tack welds for the attachment of weld tabs are placed within the weld joint, they become part of the final weld.

AISC Prequalified Connections

When welded to the beam flange, the a b Fig. Visual Inspection of Castings. Dual-units format provides for both U. All transitions between the reduced beam section and the unmodified beam flange shall be rounded in the direction of the flange length to minimize notch effects due to abrupt transitions.