Professor Adrian Horridge’s research interests include the role of the nervous system in behaviour. His particular specialty was in understanding natural visual . Professor Adrian Horridge is distinguished for the combination of electron microscopy, neuro-anatomy and electrophysiological analyses of coordination in . Adrian Horridge of Australian National University, Canberra (ANU) with expertise in: Zoology, Ecology and Entomology. Read publications, and contact.

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Professor Adrian Horridge, neurobiologist

And so, in the ensuing years, each time I went overseas I would go to a different museum — in Holland, Budapest, Hamburg, Berlin, Jakarta, Singapore, and in Salem, Massachusetts, and La Jolla, California, for example — looking everywhere for models of Indonesian boats. And as well, I had worked in the library a great deal and I had done quite a bit adriaan my own account.

There will probably be a Spring Garden Party about the first week of Novemberwhen the roses are in full bloom. Suppose you are trying to draw down a picture on your computer. But I never heard the outcome of it all. I rushed down and stopped them, telling a dispatch rider on his motorbike to get back to the village — down the road about three miles — as fast as he could and come back with the doctor.

He was elected to the Royal Society for that in Then I came back and started a new line.

G. Adrian Horridge – Publications

At about this time you went to Farnborough, horridgf a very unusual place for a biologist. There were special concessions to enable people with war service to get a university place, but not necessarily at Cambridge or Oxford.

Back to top Visual flow applications: The Medical Research Council supported us for work on nerve fibres, and the Diabetics Association supported us because of a very interesting fish that horridge has one islet of Langerhans in its pancreas.

As a result, the Gatty just boomed. That was very useful and I was in Cambridge most weekends.


Adrian Horridge

The chemistry master had been a research chemist, involved in the discovery of the detergents and the sulfonated fatty acids, sulphonated hydrocarbons and so on. We had some lessons in people’s houses, but mostly our schooling was very thin, so I decided simply to go down to the public library and work there, because it had lots and lots of interesting books.

The signal-to-noise ratio was determined by the shot noise of the photons, basically, which is limiting: Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

One of the topics you researched at the Gatty horrridge the compound eye. I handed on to him virtually all of the signal-to-noise ratio stuff and the function of the first synapse, and he in turn, with his students, worked out all the contributions of synaptic noise and shot noise. Perception of movement by the crab Nature. If you take that out, it can no longer control its blood sugar. Vision of the honeybee Apis mellifera for patterns with two pairs of equal orthogonal bars The effect of complexity on the discrimination of oriented bars by the honeybee Apis mellifera.

Journal of Insect Physiology 55, The Russian Embassy sent me a visa, and the British Council lent me clothes — a big Russian greatcoat, with double fur inside and out, and a big fur hat and double boots, adrain inside — so I was dressed as a Russian.

A diurnal moth superposition eye with high resolution Phalaenoides tristifica Agaristidae. I sent letters off to all the maritime and ethnology museums around the world, asking whether anybody knew anything about Indonesian boats, but when the letters came back they just said things like, ‘We used to have an expert, but unfortunately he died in Having worked in the Cavendish he was well up on the beginnings of quantum theory.

Professor Adrian Horridge, neurobiologist | Australian Academy of Science

Horridge GABurrows M. We lived on the western edge of Sheffield, where the hoorridge for new suburbs had been planned but were stopped by the war.


In one lab I was shown some electron micrographs and a Russian electron microscope, but afterwards some research students told me, ‘You know, those electron micrographs were not taken with that electron microscope. How did you meet her? Pattern vision of the honeybee Lapis mellifera: Butler R, Horridge GA. NASA then picked it up, perhaps through the American military, and now supports a horridgf program for Mars landing.

The lab was founded by Anton Dorn in about as a private organisation.

We came with about eight scientists and set up immediately, with a bang, doing the jobs that we had been doing before. One of the things I did there was adriab invent the material for the venturi, the bit at the back end of the rocket where the high velocity gases come out. They then fit in the ribs, which look exactly like the ribs of boats built in the North Sea by the Dutch or the English in about When I was in Cambridge, Pantin had asked me to read a chapter of a book being written by Ted Bullock, who was quite a powerful professor at University of California at Los Angeles and was on many committees in the States.

Acta Biologica Hungarica 63 Suppl. A number of other scientists took this up, particularly in America, although I don’t think they ever got very far. Another example is a little herbivore which is the food of Beroe. If you are recording slow potentials intracellularly, the enormous problem is the very high impedance, about 10 Megohms, and the hum from the mains, which is addian at 50 cycles, right in the middle of the frequency range you’re interested in.