DC MMB DIGITAL PROCESSOR. OHPC digital transmission system for high- quality transmission. O New MMB type D/A conversion system ensuring bit. My Accuphase DC 91 converter shuts itself off after We do Hi I just bought a nice Accuphase DP/DC combo and I have a few questions: The light. Accuphase DC & DP for sale. I have decided to sell these two units only because they get very little use. I am the second owner. I would say I have only.

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No stone is left unturned in Accuphase’s relentless pursuit of perfection. Recording of June Another design aspect that’s been well attended to is the mechanical coupling between the disc tray and the rotating assembly. Stereophile’s Products of I travel mostly and have decided to sell these pieces along with my whole system. The tonal balance became laid-back; the highs were softer and a bit rolled-off, lending a sweeter disposition to the upper mids.

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Accuphase sound The Accuphase transport, on the other hand, didn’t meddle with the overall tonal balance. You may like one of these similar items: Related Latest Galleries Recommended.

Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use. A transport of delight The DP transport is designed to complement the DC processor both cosmetically and in performance. Simply beautiful Submitted by volvic on December 21, – The real Submitted by Allen Fant on December 22, – 1: Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Accuphase did! The pair is supplied with a common acuphase remote control.


Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2.

Leave this field blank. The Bugatti Royale of digital audio. Theoretically, the noise dc–91, hence the conversion error in an MMB system, decreases by 3dB every time the number of paralleled identical DACs doubles.

DC Ampl/Mixer Accuphase Laboratory, Yokohama, build

Page 1 Page 2 Measurements Specifications. However, in the digital domain, the music’s time base must be reconstructed.

One supply is dedicated to the digital signal processing, microprocessor, and display circuitry. If 16 DACs are used per channel, then the error would decrease by a factor of 12dB.

Used Accuphase DC D/A Converters for Sale |

Log in or register to post comments. Df-91 transport also had a functioning, but weak, laser head assembly replaced with a new pickup. The simplistic digital circuitry of yesterday has given way to considerable design sophistication that deals directly with jitter and low-level nonlinearities.

Over two years now and still haven’t finished importing those Cd’s to the HD. It offers superb playback of digital signals even compared to higher bit-rate current systems. You can bet your bottom dollar that these distortion products are not consonant with the music.

Sometimes putting in a disc and pressing play is quite relaxing.

Recording of October The laser pickup is provided with an ultracompact RF amplifier that’s integral to the pickup assembly. NAD CD player. Remember all those disc dampers that were touted as cures for digititis? Inas the compact disc enters its second decade of commercial reality, it’s fair to say acucphase the associated hardware has come of age, exorcising at last the digital gremlins of time-base jitter and quantization noise.


Think of it as a digital control center. The signal level is adjusted by a DSP chip with bit output precision. A number of competing approaches are aimed at minimizing this conversion error.

The real question is this- does Accuphase still service these “vintage” spinners? Recording of March Coupled with the accupuase physical quality of construction, these units are a joy to use. Digital control In reality, the DC is more than just a digital processor. The conversion process from the digital to the analog domain introduces a conversion error that manifests itself as noise and distortion products. Always sc-91 one but did not want to dish out that kind of cash, but simply as a trophy piece, but that is what my YBA CD1a is these days so pointless considering how far computer audio has come.


The package details are for one box. The Transport has a tiny dent in the right edge of the face plate and a small scratch in the top plate cover. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. I would say I have only put about 50 to 75 hrs. The DP offers every conceivable type of digital output, but the star attraction is an ST-type optical that uses a Hewlett-Packard transmitter operating at a data transfer rate of million bits per second.