Abudefduf saxatilis. This small, flat, oval shaped reef fish has five distinct black bars on its sides. While in sandy areas and over reefs, it is in its. Latin name, Abudefduf saxatilis. Common name, Sergeant major. Family, Pomacentridae – Abudefduf. Origin, West Indian Ocean, The Mexican Golf, West. Biology. Juveniles are common in tide pools while adults found over shallow reef tops. Adults frequently form large feeding aggregations of up to several.

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Abudefduf saxatilis is found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Human uses

The adult male becomes dark bluish, the black bars thus less conspicuous on the body Ref. Clownfish exhibit fascinating social behaviour, especially when carrying eggs.

Individuals of this species form aggregations of about several hundreds of individuals. Terrible, horrible, saxatliis good, very bad Latin names Scientist Sees Squirrel. Turdus ignobilis debilis Scientist Sees Squirrel Pingback: Retrieved from ” https: This species may be a threat to some types of invertebrates.

Kattegat Centeret – Kasper Hareskov Tygesen. It has aburefduf single nostril on each side of the snout, rather than two as in the butterflyfishes and angelfishes. Reef safe with caution: Also, juveniles may hold cleaning stations together with the doctorfish Acanthurus chirurgus and the blue tang Acanthurus coeruleus and graze algae as well as pick molted skin and parasites from green turtles Chelonia mydas. The pharyngeal teeth are numerous and the bones are moderately heavy; the the gill rakers are numerous, narrow, and long, studded with small teeth.

Szxatilis is quite abundant abucefduf Caribbean Sea reefs as well as around islands in the mid-Atlantic region. English English Dansk Deutsch.


Abudefduf saxatilis – Discover Fishes

Puglisi 1 August Eggs are demersal and adhere to the substrate Ref. The mouth saxatipis small and terminal. References and further reading About references Scott W.

As he guards the eggs the male becomes bluish in colour, guarding them for about a week. Retrieved 4 October Sergeant major male guarding eggs.

It is of interest to public aquarium facilities for coral reef display tanks and it is attracted to divers who feed fish.

Sergeant major (fish) – Wikipedia

Medium, minimum population doubling time 1. To find out abudefdjf, including how to control cookies, see here: It might be possible to keep smaller specimens for a limited period in a smaller tank. It is called father due to its bossy, aggressive behavior towards other inhabitants on the reef.

Thanks to my friend and colleague Abdelhaq Hamza for help with the Arabic etymology in this post. Syzygium aromanticum Scientist Sees Squirrel.

Order — Perciformes Family — Pomacentridae Genus — Abudefduf Species — saxatilis Common Names English language abudsfduf names are sergeant majordamsel fish, five finger, and pilotfish.

It is replaced in the Indo-Pacific region by the closely related Abudefduf vaigiensis G.

Geographical Distribution World distribution map for the sergeant major The range of the sergeant major saxtailis worldwide in warm saxatolis. The larvae reach 2. The sergeant majors is an oviparous species in which the males create nests where the females to lay their egg masses on rocks, reef outcrops, shipwrecks, and pilings.

They can be aggressive towards other kinds of fish, but mainly when these get too close to their hiding place. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: Now, I knew almost none of this before writing this piece. It seems to have a time-signature change between genus and species, which arises because the species name is conventionally Latin, while the genus name is Arabic. Eriovixia gryffindori Scientist Sees Squirrel Pingback: Predators of this fish include Plectropomus leopardusThalassoma bifasciatumCephalopholis cruentataEpinephelus striatusMycteroperca venenosaand Rachycentron canadum.


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They do tend to get more aggressive when they have an anemone or when carrying eggs. Sergeant majors are associated with shallow reefs. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sometimes sqxatilis faint sixth bar may be seen on the caudal penduncle. Tags aggressive territorial, shoal group.

Juveniles school or defend territories depending upon the surrounding environment. Regular feeding, plenty of hiding places and a lot of space can alleviate aggressive behavior to some degree.

Wonderful Scientific Names, Part 6: Sign our Guest Book. Sergeant major Abudefduf saxatilis.

Sergeant majors earn their name from its brightly striped sides, known as bars, which are zbudefduf of the insignia of a military sergeant major. He guards them until they hatch sasatilis occurs within hours following fertilization. Aggressive This species can be extremely aggressive towards other fish. Taxonomy The sergeant major was first referred to as Abudefduf saxatilis by Carl Linnaeus The offal feeding may be regarded as a simple behavioral shift from plankton feeding to drifting offal picking.

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