Looking for Aboakyer Festival? Find out information about Aboakyer Festival. Type of Holiday: Religious Date of Observation: First Saturday in May Where. Every May the people of the Ghanaian coastal town of Winneba celebrate their migration from Timbuktu with a traditional hunt, known as the Aboakyer festival. The Chiefs and People of Effutu Traditional Council have launched their Aboakyer festival to Mobilize funds to.

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To mark the festival, the people sought out the wild cat, as had been prescribed. The hunter who captures it carries it on his shoulder and returns in triumph with his group to the royal palace.

Aboakyer festival – Wikipedia

The people made a second appeal to Penkyi Otu to provide an alternative to the wild cat. Sandra has been listed in Forbes 30 Under Transatlantic Slave Trade Special At the outset of the transatlantic Appiah has been at the forefront of the mission for this generation of Africans to seize control of tools by which Africa’s narrative is curated, crafted, and presented to the wider world.

The god accepted the deer in exchange for the human sacrifices. As tradition states, the migration of the people safely abiakyer the new land was guided by aboakger god Penkye Otu. Ghana Tourist Board P. With an incandescent passion matched only by her abundant ambition and prodigious talent, Ms. How out-sourcing is changing corporate organizations today.


Many lives were lost in the process as the animal was to be captured live and transported to Penkye.

Spotlight: The Aboakyer Festival (Ghana)

At the time the festival was instituted, deer were plentiful in Ghana. You have been very consistent towards our course and we are grateful.

Antelope hunting ritual of the Simpa people, followed by partying. The people appealed this, and the substitution of a wild cat was accepted as a sacrificial offering, provided it was caught alive and beheaded before the god.

This story was sang in war chants and protected until it could be inscribed in English. This seemed too high a price to pay, so the people appealed to Fesstival and he relented, saying that he would accept a live wildcat instead. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This page was last edited aboakher 6 Decemberat The festival is used also to receive a productive harvest and spiritual guidance from their gods for the coming year.

Ghana Symbols and Customs: They brought their god, known as Penkye Otu, with them. The institution of the festival was to commemorate the migration of Simpafo tradition name given to the people of Winneba.

After the resettlement, the god became known as Penkyi Otu, to signify the final home for the god. First Saturday frstival May Where Celebrated: Nevertheless, the Tuafo white clan regardless the effort of the red team to fuel their battle, went into the forest since last night to capture the live deer.

Save a child save a mother. Referendum ends with many voting YES. An avid believer in Africa with an interest in showcasing the glory of the continent, Ms.


Retrieved 2 December There are a lot of barriers to ensure the safety of the people during and after of the ceremony. Teddy Hayford Acquah acknowledged the significance of the festival and intimated MTN will continue to support festivals of this nature. Each team performs rituals designed to undermine the other team’s strength, but both Asafo companies want someone to win because ahoakyer to catch a deer is considered to be a very bad omen.

People of Effutu to celebrate Aboakyer festival – Ghana Business News

Winneba, southern coast of Ghana, West Africa When: Languages Deutsch Edit links. But when they tried to bring him a leopard, they discovered that leopards were extremely difficult and dangerous to bring back alive avoakyer be sacrificed.

By Jenna Colbourne image courtesy of: December 31st Watch Night Service: The festival is celebrated on the first Saturday in May. Following the main coast highway from Accra or Cape Coast, turn off at the Swedru junction, and follow the road until you reach Winneba. Then they set out for the bush in opposite directions, and the first to return with a aboakyee deer is declared the winner. The Aboakyer festival festivql a bushbuck hunting festival celebrated by the people of Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana.