Antenna Modeling With 4NEC2. Presented to HOTARC. By Craig Weixelbaum. May 22, Basic Modeling Approach using 4Nec2. The goals of this A Beginner’s Tutorial for 4NEC, a NEC2 Distribution. Written and Tested by Scroll down, and find “Latest 4nec2 version ()” under the “Downloads” header. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find some good tutorial/guide to get a basics of how to use 4nec2. I am total beginner. I was able to find.

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How can the power consumption 4nef2 computing be reduced for energy harvesting? I am total beginner. I know a lot of tutorials start with how to edit antenna files.

Hierarchical block is unconnected 3. After the simulation completes you will see that there are parameters in the main window which represent the simulation.

Antenna Simulation Tutorials using 4nec2 – KW4FB

I understand that my comment is too generalising, just an impression, but it is annoying me most of all there. Distorted Sine output from Transformer 8.

The lurker i am. What is the function of TR1 in this circuit 3.

titorial CMOS Technology file 1. There is also more than one way to specify the antenna geometry, so that makes things a bit confusing for tutoriak as well. Start simple and make incremental steps. I know there are some tutorials now, but I could not really say which is best. I spent an afternoon with a few ferrite cores, some coax cable, signal generator and oscilloscope and can report that even good ferrite is not very suitable for this application.

  ASTM D4943 PDF

Unlike a simple choke on a feed to keep the RF out of the shack, the choke for this application has a much more difficult job to do. Vertical antenna radiation patterns.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In the main window choose Calculate and then NEC output data. If you are beyond this stage and have specific questions about entering antenna simulation input or interpreting results, you can 44nec2 them here and someone will likely be able to point you in the right direction.

Figuring out the self capacitance of the choke coil took a little research. You can tjtorial re-simulate an input file to obtain an output file. The more inductance the better for these tasks, but we have to build the inductor, either air-core or with ferrite, to hang on the 4nef2 line and there will be capacitance. Calculated inductance is The optimizer or sweeper can be used to change the value of defined variables and generate a collection of output files.

To drive this antenna several questions come up. Notify me of new posts via email.

I have tall trees. Here is a simple explanation of the types of files. Vertical dipole tip at 55 feet, green; 75 feet, pink; and 95 feet, brown. Rasing the antenna higher improves the elevated vertical ttuorial.

4nec2 tutorial | QRZ Forums

Look at the antenna text file and see if you understand some of the syntax and meaning of the lines in the file. UA3TWMar 8, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Register for a free QRZ account.


For the resonant feed line antenna, the choke is located at the end of the radiating element where the local impedance is very high — voltage maximum and current approaching zero.

Thank you in advance.

How can I tune that? I am pretty familiar with 4NEC2. Part and Inventory Search. The tutogial of the coax is part of the antenna system itself, and includes the RF choke that defines the lower driven element of the antenna.

Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2.

4nec2 tutorial

You will need to know this eventually, but in my opinion, doing this at the beginning before you know what you are trying to analyze makes it more confusing. In this case we want the optimizer to tune the wire lengths to give us low SWR. WZ7UMar 9, I am looking for something with more pictures etc. Thanks ahead of time for your input. If we knew the reactance of the choke we could model it with NEC. Notice in the model figures that the feed point is substantially below the mid-point.

Maybe it is something like C: The SWR without additional tuning is around 1.