Learn about the causes of gingival enlargement and some of the benefits of LightScalpel CO2 laser gingivectomies. Laser gingivectomy for treatment of gingival hyperplasia. A, Presurgical view. B, Ten days after the laser procedure. The cause of the hyperplasia was lack of. One of these is gingivectomy and it is the main topic discussed in this article. It is a dental procedure that is done with a hard tissue laser or old gold standard.

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A significant increase in the plaque index and the gingival index had been seen in patients with conventional gingivectomy when comparing the means at the day of the surgery and after week at the removal of the periodontal pack, this could be explained by the presence of periodontal pack which act as retentive factor for plaque leading to gingival inflammation.

Copy the following to cite this article: The biopsy taken immediately during the conventional gingivectomy shown dense fibrous connective tissue stroma and stratified squamous epithelium while the laser biopsy showed necrotic epithelium and burning like appearance with no clear demarcation between layers. Doctor Testimonials Service Testimonials. Compend Contin Educ Dent. J Am Dent Assoc.

Laser Gingivectomy | Belmont Periodontics

No anesthesia was required. In Laser the biopsies revealed densely fibrous connective tissue with fewer inflammatory cells and clearly re-epithelization suggestive of good histological healing. No osseous reduction was needed, as there was no biological width disruption.

Views Read Edit View history. The surgeries were performed at the periodontic department in the college of dentistry- university of Baghdad. Biomed Pharmacol J ;10 4.

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Related Before and After Photos Click here to View figure.

Diode Laser Versus Scalpel Gingivectomy | Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal

This procedure helps to improve the esthetics and oral health. Procedure done by Dr. Discomfort Click here gingivectomj View figure. This article needs additional or more specific categories.

Some other benefits of CO 2 laser oral surgery include less post-op swelling and discomfort, reduced scarring due to decreased activation of myofibroblasts at the wound margin in comparison with a scalpeldiminished risk of infection, shortened procedure time compared to diodesand smoother recovery.

Bleeding was observed in the conventional gingivectomy while relatively blood-less in laser.

Laser gingivectomy

Company Paser is LightScalpel? Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure of excising the unsupported gingival tissue to a level where it is attached and create a new gingival margin gingivedtomy is apical to the old position. Deciding whether to do a conventional gingivectomy by scalpel or to use laser depends on many factors, in our study we compared between the two methods. Fifty subjects with an age range from years old had participated in this study, they were all systemically healthy, nonsmoker, and they were diagnosed as having plaque-induced gingivitis and gingival enlargement.

Neoplastic enlargement benign or malignant tumor.

YSGG gingivectomy and gingivoplasty just prior to crown preparation at the same appointment. The anterior teeth were highly restored with multiple restorations and resin veneers. Group 2 with 25 subjects in which scalpel had been used to perform conventional gingivectomy. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Group 2 show significant differences in plaque and gingival indices between the visits.

Different methods can be used to perform gingivectomy; of the most common are scalpel and laser. Company CO 2 surgical laser manufacturer. Tongue-Ties and Sleep Issues and More! Group 1 show no significant differences in plaque and gingival means between laesr visits, the bacteriological examination showed no growth of bacteria and histological examination revealed less inflammatory cells than Group 2.


Gingivectomy and ClasssV Restoration – An elderly patient lost a classV restoration while hospitalized The gingiva grew into the ginfivectomy significantly. A second biopsy was taken at the 3 rd visit and also been sent to histopathological examination. Erbium edlasers pulsed technology, shallow penetration, and water absorption produce a minimal thermal effect and minor procedures can sometimes be achieved with no anesthetic at all.

Your session is about to expire. YSGG laser[4] and CO 2 lasers[5] [6] can perform this procedure, offering a precise, stable, bloodless, often less painful, and accelerated healing experience. Gingigectomy overgrowth of the gum can be seen during orthodontic treatment with fixed braces. The nearly “cold cutting” effect of erbium tissue interaction creates a remarkable post-operative course. Like Us On Facebook! Textbooks in Contemporary Dentistry. Copy the following to cite this URL: In our research we used the Diode laser, Diode laser is highly absorbable by hemoglobin and melanin that allows easy manipulation of soft-tissue during gingival recontouring, gingivctomy improved epithelization and healing of the wound.

YAG laser at abutment placement appointment. fingivectomy

Gingivectomy is the most common procedure performed with dental lasers. Retrieved from ” https: Scalpel has advantages of easy to be used, precise incision with well-defined margins, the healing is fast, and there is no lateral tissue damage.