Liftaway B (KP). Grundfos pump Thank you for your interest in our products. Please contact us for more information, or visit our website. LIFTAWAY B Collecting tank for grey wastewater The litre tank is designed to be equipped with a Unilift AP12 pump to get a compact lifting station for. OverviewGrundfos LIFTAWAY B and C are compact lifting stations for grey wastewater without solids from floor drains, wash-basins, washing machines.

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Customised service offerings, online ordering and rapid response distribution centres ensure that you have the parts when you need them. For those who do not require remote process automation, Grundfos Remote Management is the ideal solution for monitoring and remote grunvfos, rather than traditional SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems.

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All the technical documentation and information you need to service your pumps is immediately available to you, at any time: This 30 liter collecting tank is designed to be equipped with a Unilift KP pump to get a compact lifting station for installation below sewer level.

However, it is important to remember that an upgrade or even a replacement pump can be cheaper than repair in the long term. The system must not be used for the pumping of sewage water from toilets.

Grundfos products are manufactured to very high standards, which helps to ensure a long life. There is also a comprehensive pump replacement selection function for central heating circulator pumps, hot water pumps and wastewater S pumps, and a function for producing professional quotations that include curves, drawings, quotation texts, wiring diagrams, etc.

An additional tank extension is available as accessory The pipe kit delivered with the tank includes a non-return flap valve and lever arm guide, which is to be clipped onto the pump for reliable start and stop. The cover is placed on an extension neck to adjust the height to the basement floor. The pump must have a float switch for automatic start and stop, version A1.

The next step is a comprehensive on-site visual inspection of your facility. To be extra sure that you do not have to wait, we can set aside a stock of spare parts that are critical for your operation. The tank has a functional design with an easy-to-clean white surface. There are no tools required to disassemble the product. Grundfos Service will maintain and repair your pumps. Connecting pumps and people With a secure and reliable remote management system, you can monitor and manage your pump systems from an Internet PC at a very low cost.


The lifting station is only suitable for pumping greywater up to particle sizes of 10mm KP or 12mm AP12 from e. Safety related for handling the product Caution is required when accessing the inside of the tank as it may be toxic caused by the waste water.

One side has an anti-slip surface; the other is prepared for paving tiles. Recommended spare parts Even though the Grundfos strategy is to supply the best possible pump solutions to our customers, after a long period of operation there will be wear and tear to some of the components in certain situations.

The llftaway connection is DN A Grundfos Service agreement keeps the total grnudfos of operating a pump to a minimum. Managers can plan for years ahead, and can easily handle day-to-day exceptions to the schedule. Applications LIFTACC The pumps are suitable liftasay liquid transfer in Accessories Features and benefits Liftaway B Telescopic part for easy height adjustment Flexible and easy installation Liftaway C Functional design and easy to clean Overflow protection device Active carbon filter to eliminate odours Compact and slim for easy installation under a wash basin or in a closet.

The lifting trundfos is only suitable for pumping greywater up to particle sizes of 10mm from e. Please contact your local Grundfos company to obtain information about recommended spare parts or service kits for your Grundfos product.

Let us carry out scheduled maintenance visits to prevent downtime. Effective service — wherever you are Grundfos Service is always close by.

LIFTAWAY B – | Grundfos product center

Grundfos Remote Management is a cost-effective, secure and reliable way grndfos monitor and manage pump installations from an Internet PC at a very low cost. Regular servicing and maintenance of your pumps will ensure that they operate with optimum efficiency.

With a secure and reliable remote management system, you can monitor and manage your pump systems from an Internet PC at a very low cost. Overview Service Contact Overview. It reduces the need for onsite inspections, and in the event of an alarm or warning, the relevant people are notified directly. Service drawings, exploded views and parts lists are available for all sewage products as well as several other pump types.


It provides detailed recommendations for replacement, including estimated payback time. Specially designed service kits Service kits include everything you need for a specific maintenance or repair task, including instructions for dismantling, replacement and reassembly.

If short operating downtime is grundfso requirement, or if the pump is installed in inaccessible areas where delivery of spare parts lifatway take a long time, it is advisable to maintain a small stock of recommended spare parts grundfis site.

Applications LIFTAWAY B lfitaway meant to pump grey wastewater without faeces from floor drains, washbasins, washing machines, dishwashers in basements with bathrooms, laundry rooms, spa areas, single floor drains before entry doors, etc. Changes in pump performance can be tracked using trend graphs generated automatically by the system.

Liftaway wastewater collecting tank

The tank is designed for either wall or floor mounting, venting is done via a charcoal filter. Prevention is better, and more cost-effective, than cure Once you have purchased your pump, you will want it to function efficiently and reliably; a formal service agreement with Grundfos will give you peace of mind.

Service agreement A Grundfos service agreement ensures the efficient and uninterrupted operation of your pump grundffos and gives you access to Grundfos service centres and authorised service partners worldwide, 24 hours a day. The inlets are located on the left and on the right side of the tank. Optimise service and maintenance Changes in pump performance can be tracked using trend graphs generated automatically by the system.

Safety Risk Safety related to materials used There is no risk for people during the disassembly grunddos posed by the materials used for the product. The pump shall contain a float switch for automatic start and stop Version A1. Initial investment is minimal, and a fixed low fee covers data traffic, hosting costs and ,iftaway support, including back-up of all data. The delivered pipe kit includes non return flap valve and level arm guide to clip on to the pump body for reliable start and stop.