Editorial Reviews. Review. Some widows face their loss with denial . Sophie Good Grief: A Novel – Kindle edition by Lolly Winston. Download it. Good Grief: A Novel [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brilliantly funny and heartwarming New York Times bestseller. Good Grief [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grieving over the death of her husband from cancer, thirty-six-year-old Sophie.

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I’ll not fear what tomorrow will hold for me as if I’m predestined to have grief in my live forever but feel a freedom to savor each moment as if it were a present!

Good Grief by Lolly Winston

The characters in this book show that with enought perserverance, humor and an open mind,it is possible to have life after loss. Sophie Stanton is a 36 year old woman who is widowed after 3 years of marriage. Yes, yes, and yes. I am filled up with so much love for this book. It simply tells the tale of a woman who, like any woman, is just trying to cope, and who finds sorrow, joy, and hilarity along the way. I honestly have no idea.

She finally gets her own place and starts working as a waitress. The ending kind of felt too abrupt, even though I guess you know where it’s going.

Good Grief

May 21, RockChick19 rated it it was amazing. Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

The ending was sort of sudden, but winwton okay. She goes for subtle in those instances rather than the big picture. Open Preview See a Problem? Alas, Sophie is more of a Jack Daniels kind. However, my opinionated parents encouraged me to try different types of books.

Bilo bi super da iz tugovanja svi dobijemo peticu, kao i glavna winsfon Granted, the circumstances of death were much different and I wonder if that has something to do with it, but I found a part of me not wanting the happy ending that I got. This was my second time reading this book.


What an honest, raw depiction of an all encompassing loss. Aug 16, Wei Cho rated it it was ok Shelves: Books on Tape Availability: She breaks your heart as you see how she falls apart, but she always tells the story with so much vrief that you have to laugh out loud.

Ashland, Oregon United States.

Aug 20, Linda rated it liked it. I could see myself in her shoes throughout the whole book. In her own words, she desperately wants to be a good widow – vrief, composed I would have given this book only 3 stars if it hadn’t made me laugh so much and right out loud. And I found the ending offensive, especially as a widow. I read this about a month after my husband died, and I remember thinking at the time how amazing it was that someone absolutely GOT so many of the crazy things that were going through my head.

BookPage review by Amy Scribner. Loved, loved, loved this book! I was particularly impressed with her ability to write the teenage character Crystal, it seemed spot on accurate and I wonder at how she was able to write her so clearly. When Sophie is working as a waitress and accidently tips some hot shrimp down a woman’s blouse.

Normally, books about widowhood make me very nervous, because it is one of my biggest fears grirf think about life without javaczuk.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston – Review | BookPage | BookPage

And, yes, full of humor. I wouldn’t go out of my way to read it again, but I could relate to a lot of it, and it was entertaining. Sophie Stanton is in her mid thirties and loses her young husband to cancer. Groef first few chapters were definitely her strongest.


I did not really think it was funny at all.

By the end of the story, I felt that everything wrapped up the way it should have, and I turned the final page with satisfaction. But who is cute enough, crazy enough, and compassionate enough to griev Sophie? She worries that she’ll betray her dead husband if she sleeps with another man. Desperate to stay above water she decides to hood up a friends offer and to move in with her and her daughter in Ashland, Oregon. I will On bookcrossing I wrote on Saturday, March 17, 7 out of 10 Well I guess i am one of few who wasn’t so thrilled with this book.

Winston does an incredible job telling us what it’s like gopd be a young widower. I plan on sharing it with a friend who lost her husband at a yo I picked up this paperback not expecting too much more than some light fluff tood my vacation. May 01, Abigail Hillinger rated it it was ok Shelves: I plan on sharing it with a friend who lost her husband at a young age as I think she would get a lot out of it.

Sophie eventually starts dating and starts her own business and kind of moves on with her life.

This book is about the first year of a young woman’s widowhood, and by necessity the first half is about her agony, grief and depression. My mother then tossed the book to me and said I should give it a try. Her husband died of cancer. When Soph Good Grief was on a gief at my job last winter and I picked it up, read the first few chapters, and loved it.