The Vatican Sayings (Unabridged). This collection of maxims, titled “The Sayings of Epicurus” – or alternatively, “The Voice of Epicurus” – was rediscovered in. THE VATICAN COLLECTION OF EPICUREAN SAYINGS Introduction The as some of the Principal Doctrines, and some are not by Epicurus himself but rather . 2 quotes from Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings: ‘The wise man who has become accustomed to necessities knows better how to sha.

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Some translations render it almost as meaning that the soul is born again at death, but clearly that would be at odds with the rest of what Epicurus says e. Compulsion is a bad thing, but there is no compulsion to live under compulsion.

See also Vatican Sayings 69 and Misfortunes must be cured by a sense of gratitude for what has been and the knowledge that what is past cannot be undone. We waste away our lives in delaying, and each of us dies without having enjoyed leisure.

Despite its reputation, Epicurean philosophy does not support debauchery.

We live he says by pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. Lists with This Book. Several of the Sayings are identical with some of the Principal Doctrines. Eoicurus we will persuade nature by fulfilling the necessary desires, and the natural desires too if they cause no harm, but sharply rejecting the harmful desires.

Letters Principal Doctrines and Vatican Sayings : Epicurus :

And I will not give myself up as captive to thee or to any other circumstance; but when it is time for me to go, spitting contempt on life and on those who vainly cling to it, I will leave life crying aloud a glorious triumph-song that I have lived well. Misfortune must be cured through gratitude for what has been lost and the knowledge that it is impossible to change what has happened.


Refresh and try again. If I were to be a philosopher, this work would have to be high on my list. It is reputed to date from the Vatkcan Century, but little beyond this is known about its origin. Nothing is sufficient for him to whom what is sufficient seems too little. Nature is weak toward evil, not toward good: The text provided here generally follows that of Hermann Usener as published in his Epicureawith some attention paid to the texts of G. PD 8 No pleasure is a bad thing in satings, but the things which produce certain pleasures entail disturbances many times greater than the pleasures themselves.

Continuous bodily pain does not last long; instead, pain, if extreme, is present a very short time, and even that degree of pain which slightly exceeds bodily pleasure does not last for many days vatcan once. We must envy no one, for the good do not deserve envy and the bad, the more they prosper, the more they injure themselves. PD 4 Continuous bodily pain does saiyngs last long; instead, pain, if extreme, is present a very short time, and even that degree of pain which slightly exceeds bodily pleasure does not last for many days at once.

What cannot be satisfied is not a man’s stomach, as most men think, but rather the false opinion that the stomach requires unlimited filling. One is born, one dies. The translation by Peter St. The greatest fruit of self-sufficiency is freedom. This site uses cookies. Sayjngs our desires some are natural and necessary, others are natural but not necessary; and others are neither natural nor necessary, but are due to groundless opinion.

Let us completely rid ourselves of our bad habits as if they were evil men who have done us long and grievous harm. It is hard to commit injustice and escape detection, but to be confident of escaping detection is impossible.


Todd rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Follow your inclination as you will, provided only that you neither violate the laws, disturb well-established customs, harm any one of your neighbors, injure your own body, nor waste your possessions.

Sayingss utterance is ungrateful for past goods: PD 1 A blessed and indestructible being has no trouble himself and brings no trouble upon any other being; so he is free from anger and partiality, for all such things imply weakness. For he makes the very claim [in question] by necessity. And if what is mutually advantageous varies and only for a time corresponds to our concept of justice, nevertheless for that time it is just for those who do not trouble themselves about empty words, but look simply at the facts.

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But he clearly believes that both the soul and body die when we die. The Greek text is in the public domain. I rejoice epicugus you. The list is basically a strung-together selection from various sources, and is therefore less zayings and coherent than the Principal Doctrines. I rejoice with you, for you are the kind of person I would praise if you were to grow old as you are, and who knows the difference between seeking wisdom for yourself and for the sake of Greece.