Thanks for choosing EarthBox! You know we love them, and for many good reasons. Planting is not difficult, but review these instructions before jumping in. Planting an Earth Box: I planted my Earthbox on my balcony with six different The instructions in the box for setting it up are idiot proof, but there are a few. build your own earthbox! this is the most comprehensive guide i’ve seen to the mechanics of the project. from function i think i would combine this with the form of.

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Gray Mold, Powdery Mildew [back to top]. Cucumbers are an easy to grow and prolific crop. Onions When planting onions in your EarthBox, make sure you situate them in full sun.

Okra is guidde perfect crop to grow if you live in a climate with very hot summers. The root can be eaten raw and tastes like a water chestnut. Some are more hearty and shrub-like such as rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano; others are more delicate and prone to wilting or bolting when subjected to extreme heat such as dill, parsley, cilantro, and chives.

Cucumbers Cucumbers are an easy to grow and prolific crop. Leeks are a cool season crop hardy to frosts and light freezes, and are relatively pest and disease free. These globe-like fruits tend to produce very well in containers, especially if overnight temperatures are warm.

EarthBox® | Instruction Manuals

In addition to your Earthbod contents and plants, you will need about four gallons of water, a pair of planitng and peat-based potting mix. Be sure to always supply tomatoes with added calcium to prevent Blossom End Rot.

Eggplants are a unique fruit that grow best in full sun and hot llanting. With their unique flavors–some strong and overpowering, some mild and sweet–onions can be added to nearly any dish and can be cooked every way, as well as eaten raw.

Once harvested, carrots can be stored for more than a month in the refridgerator. Beware of pests and diseases popular with other vegetables in the cabbage family. Hot peppers can be pickled, added to stew, used in stir fry, and are excellent when dried and ground to be used as a seasoning to give nearly any dish a little kick.


While best enjoyed fresh, pieces of fruit may be frozen so they can be blended into smoothies at a later time.

Florida Gardening Suggested Planting Schedule

Like other leafy vegetables,salad greens prefer cool conditions but should be kept in direct sun. The mild, sweet flesh of these roots can be eaten raw or cooked, and your pplanting will keep for more than a month if stored properly. Perhaps one of the sweetest rewards in your garden, sweet corn is a warm-season crop sensitive to frost and light freezes.

Celery can be started indoors before the season, or sown directly as a summer crop. Keep the plants well-watered throughout the summer months and use more if you are in a hot, arid region.

Kohlrabi Kohlrabi is a cool-weather vegetable that prefers full-sun and consistently-moist growing media for quick growth. Broccoli Broccoli, an easily-recognizeable vegetable, can be a successful crop in your garden with timely planting and good protection from pests. Beans are highly-productive, easy-to-grow crops. Growing herbs such as mint or lavender in containers is beneficial because it won’t have an opportunity to spread–as these tend to be invasive and difficult to rid your garden of.

Herbs The many varieties of herbs are easy to grow and very prolific. Kohlrabi greens can also be eaten in salads. Okra is a very prolific plant, yielding many abundant hravests. Cabbage is ready for darthbox when heads are firm. Lack of Pollination, Plantingg End Rot [back to top]. Turnips need a consistenly-watered environment to grow quickly, making the EarthBox gardening system perfect for these little white and purple globes.

Like other cabbage family crops, turnips are rahter prone to pests and disease, so careful inspection of your crop is essential.

Once harvested in late summer or early fall, fruit can be kept for several months and enjoyed in soups and stews through the winter if stored in a cool, dark place. Select a sunny spot with a minimum of eight hours of daily sun for warm season crops such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Melons are very fragile to frost and light freezes; and require both warm days and nights to produce fruit. They will keep aerthbox to 2 weeks after harvesting if left unwashed and stored in the refrigerator.

Rutabagas Rutabagas, originally a cross between cabbage and turnips, are a tasty root crop plantiny can be produced in the spring or fall, growing best plsnting cooler temperatures–weather that is too hot will cause the roots to become bitter and woody. Like other cole crops, Brussels sprouts are a nitrogen hog, and require consitent watering and cool temperatures. This often-overlooked crop has a mild cabbage flavor, and the texture or consistency to that of a broccoli stem.


Cauliflower is a cool-season crop, partially hardy to frost and light freezes, and can be grown wherever there are cool growing gguide. Kale Unlike some vegetables, kale is an exceptionally cold-tolerant crop.

Onions are shallow rooted and grow best with steady watering, especially during the bulbing phase. Rather than growing baseball bat-sized zucchini—which can be bland, earthbbox of seeds, and woody—harvest squash when fruit is small and tender and your plants will keep producing right up to frost. Leeks can be enjoyed sauteed, braised, pureed into soup, or thinly sliced in salads. Okra Okra is a perfect crop to grow if you live gide a climate with very hot summers.

Plant them in a sunny location once all danger of frost has passed. Plant okra after all threats of frost have passed. Your harvest from this crop will be versatile–beetroots can be boiled or roasted to be eaten hot or cold, thinly sliced and turned into chips with a dehydrator, or pickled to enjoy as a tasty treat at a later time. To prepare for the assembly of your EarthBox Gardening System, determine what type and how many plants you plan on growing.

Fruit on a determinate tomato plant sets and ripens all at once.

EarthBox® | Planting Guides

Turnips, when planted during the correct time, are easy to grow and mature quickly, allowing guode several succession-planted crops during the growing season. Garlic Garlic is a relatively easy to grow crop – each clove planted will yield one whole bulb when harvested. The most common pest is the Tomato Hornworm, which can destroy your crops with its voracious appetite.

The sweetest thing about strawberries is that picking ripe berries often helps keep the plants fruiting.