My current catalogue library and my love of specialized catalogues! Postais: Portugal, Açores e Madeira supplement; Afinsa. Michel – Europa Band 4 – Sudosteuropa (/). Michel – Europa Band . PORTUGAL. AFINSA – Catalogue of Portugal, Azores & Madeira (). AFINSA . Afinsa (Portugal); Anfils (Spain); Australasian stamp catalogue (Australia) Froede (Germany, active to ); Hellas stamp catalogue and postal.

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Anyhow, sfinsa a good catalog my opinion is they are very similar, except the Brits and scots When buying used catalogues, beware of shipping cost though Yvert et Tellier is used for foreign stamps, as old people as many collectors, are don’t speak English and understand written Frech, being a Latin Language.

One of several articles on British oortugal history. Detailed analysis of of mail sent in Portugal. You may be thinking wow how can he use all these catalogues, most are not in English!

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. It’s an incredible resource with masses of information and clear pictures of the stamps that really help in identifying them. Sometimes I can take the books home.


Members might like a record of stamp catalogues which especially relate to a specific country. If and when he decides to cattlogo, the choice of catalogue portugl then tend to be more the “home” catalogue of the stamps he’s collecting. Fri Sep 28, Colleges and universities can also get uncommon books on loan. I LOVE specialized catalogues. Thu Apr 02, Just don’t spend time looking in the Scott catalogue for them! A great start by Stampmogul for a list of catalogues though South Africa Stamp Colour catalogue Spain.

List of stamp catalogues

I just bought a edition of the Scott Specialised – on I think Alibris. And they replace the volumes on the shelf with the newer edition 1 by 1 as they’re published. Then get a Stanley Gibbons.

Well, I fortunately have fair to good reading ability in nine different languages French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic and Persian as a result of years of training as a graduate student in Islamic History at Ohio State.

Click for our Current Auction. I also recently received Focus on Forgeries: Don’t know what happens to the previous year copies, there doesn’t seem to be a “ex-libris” used book bin, otherwise I’d be tempted to snap up copies for myself.


Portugal Stamps Catalogue 2012 New Afinsa Catalogo

Fine in card covers. Yvert et Tellier French Colonies.

I easily run into some variety or error or other items that are not basic regular stamps as such and I realize that I’m stuck with these simplified catalogues with 20122 much advantage; this happens every now and then for me, although I own the Scott volumes as well as the SG Commonwealth Simplified. Afinsa Portugal Republic Of China.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue New Afinsa Catalogo | #

Since the original post my collection has grown and now also includes: What would we do without reference books. Visit Pennymead on Facebook. Sun Sep 14, Katalog Prango Indonesia Israel. Yes, an old set of Scott’s is a great start!

Sun Sep 30,