In a month or so I plan on running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with my group. This being partially inspired by the vampire kick I’ve been on. Expeditio n to Castle Ravenloft cenrers around the vampire. Strahd von Zarovich. As Dungeon Master,you must play him as carefully as the playe rs run their cha. CASTLE RAVENLOFT? The Expedition to Castle Raventoft campaign adventure is designed for four 6th-level Duucaous ┬┐St [email protected] charac- ters (though.

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The PCs are called on to quell the incursion, if only to save themselves.

Curse of Strahd (5th) vs. Return to Castle Ravenloft () : DnD

castel Then when they have decided they have completed enough objectives and want to go for the kill, don’t. Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. The minicampaign takes place in three acts that roughly correspond to the next three chapters of this book.

Thanks to the dastle element ravdnloft the Fortunes of Ravenloft, the adventure was different every time, and ravenooft tried to replicate that replayability.

The weakest part of CoS seems to be the adventure hoot tie-ins to Faerun in the beginning, especially those relating to factions. I think enforcing character deaths could also be beneficial.

They arrive in Barovia and discover the zombie infestation. She begs the PCs to find her husband, or at least his body. Only one advances the storyline, though: Submit a new link. An organization known as the Lightbringers, dedicated to fighting the undead, sends out a call for help — a call that reaches the PCs’ ears.

Last edited by Thurbane; at In order to make best use of the Sunsword, however, the PCs must first destroy the Dayheart, which gives Strahd tavenloft to sunlight. In the end, I played hard on the Insanity side and they PCs really had to free Strahd from his madness.

Alternatively, the new character’s previous adventuring companions all met horrible ends, and she barely managed to stagger into Barovia with her life.


A group of Lightbringers journeyed to Barovia, where ravenlofh found the village plagued by zombies. To make things worse, anyone infected by zombies becomes a zombie if killed or severely injured. As in the minicampaign, the PCs receive a letter from Strahd to begin the adventure. The Tome of Strahd reveals that some of Strahd’s power derives from his connection to the land of Barovia itself; severing this connection will weaken him further.


The book suggests the taint mechanic in Heroes of Horror. Thanks a lot, you guys. Can I run Curse of Strahd with the same group, or will it be too similar? Once the PCs are armed with the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and the Sunsword, and they have cut off Strahd’s connection to the land, they are as prepared to face the vampire as they’re ever likely to be.

By this time, they should be at or near 9th level, which should enable them to explore Castle Ravenloft and ultimately challenge Count Strahd von Zarovich. And thanks for the heads up about the spoilers Psyx. If you’d rather not sidetrack your entire campaign for several months, you can select some elements of the minicampaign to put together a long adventure lasting about eight sessions. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, vastle, The original module changed castoe to the Tarokka reading and PC activities.

Tuesday, 12th December, So, there is a powerful dragon that is becoming active and castle Ravenloft is not that far away. Which are nice for the DMs to look at, but hard to show to the players since the digital files of the isometrics were not released. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This page was last edited on 1 Marchat Their first encounter with Strahd ravwnloft in the dining hall castlr normal see encounter area K10 on page and ends with either the PCs or the vampire fleeing.

This is exactly like the original module. With less then two months till Halloween I’m going to start and run it as a mini arc in my campaign. The New World, Part 9: I don’t think you will be able to disguise the story for very long, but if you work the shrines as mini-side treks instead of being part of targeting Strahd you could play up the ‘stay the winter here and get to be part of the town’, and even have the local noble help them out and be kind and generous I would also play up a lycanthrope vibe in order to keep them off the vampiric scent as long as possible.


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Expedition to Castle Ravenloft — Table of Contents

The PCs enter the castle. In an Eberron or d20 Modern campaign, having a pool of action points might diminish the sense of horror in this adventure, since the element of risk is less. Retrieved August 1, I’m hoping that little twist will make it tougher for the Pcs to just go after him and kill him.

Originally Posted by Keld Denar. The PCs encounter Helene Maurgen, the ravenlof wife of an adventurer who was last seen entering Barovia three months ago, armed with silversheen and wolfsbane. Jeref had been hunting werewolves at the outer edge of the Svalich Woods, and came home to stock up on silversheen before fighting the beasts.

The short passage Gevyen discovered mentions three holy shrines dedicated to saints of Lathander in the same remote region, as well as two powerful artifacts. Expedition to Castle Ravenloft cover. When discussing cqstle specific edition, include the edition in the title or select the appropriate link-flair.

Looking at rqvenloft abilities it appears he was meant to blast the party wth some high level spells, then enter melee to further debuff them and restock on spell before retreating and using magic at range again. In this model, Strahd starts off a little weaker — he lacks his legacy abilities from his connection to the land, so the PCs do not have to discover the Tome of Strahd and visit the three wilderness fanes.

Acquiring the legacy items, and awakening their powers, is central to the adventure.