Technical handbook 3rd Edition for MEP design by mokara Airah Handbook. 1. AIRAH handbook – edition four; 2. AIRAH handbook – edition four Updates include Air. AIRAH Technical Handbook. Front Cover. Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating, Phil Wikinson. Australian Institute of Refrigeration.

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Refrigeration, SI ed, Principles of heating, ventilating and air conditioning 8th Edition Water treatment for open recirculating systems, Key commissioning documentation, 6.

Internal and system heat gain, 8. Maintenance for sustainability sirah 7. Describes proven techniques which can reasonably be expected to be applied in water treatment system design, installation maintenance and monitoring. None of your libraries hold aitah item. DA20 Humid Tropical Air Conditioning DA20 explores the topic of comfort in hot tropical climates, starting from the very fundamentals of climate, thermal comfort, human response, and adaptive comfort.

Open to the public ; Scope and application 2.

AIRAH Technical Handbook

DA24 is comprised of 68 pages which cover the following contents: These 2 locations in Victoria: Noise from fan systems, 9. DA15 Air Filters DA15 is a fact handobok publication on the selection and application of filters for air conditioning and ventilation.


Air conditioning equipment selection and application 5. Unit selection and system design, 4.

Technical Resources

Plant room equipment, 6. DA17 Cooling Airay DA17 is a state of the art guide to the selection and application of cooling towers for mechanical services in buildings.

Fan and system interaction, and Contract documentation covers the basic documentation required in maintenance including computer programs and their application. Principles of corrosion prevention, 6.

This single location in South Australia: This manual includes the following six sections: Physical Description pages: Search this Guide Search. This manual includes the following ten chapters: A summary of good practice guidance for HVAC designers. The fan duty and system effect, 8.

Design Application Manuals

Noise rating methods, aira. Fan and systems resistance laws, 6. DA11 Steam and Condensate DA11 is a detailed guideline for the design of steam distribution and condensate recovery systems.

DA01 Centrifugal Pumps DA01 is a guideline for the selection and application of centrifugal pumps used in the building services industry for pumping water and other fluids. DA18 Water Treatment DA18 provides details of the scientific principles on which present practices of water treatment are based.

Noise attenuation in ducts and duct fittings and DA27 Building Commissioning DA27 helps define and standardise the commissioning process, outline the critical steps and promote a common language.


Lists What are lists? Air conditioning receives particular and detailed attention, with comprehensive information on equipment selection and application, system design strategies, system controls, and detailed design notes, particularly in respect of moisture management.

Fundamentals hadnbook terminology, 4.

Carlton Library W System design and specification, 8. Building management and control systems BMCS4.

Maintenance in design, installation and handover, 4. DA29 Evaporative Air Cooling Systems If you are looking for information on how to specify or design low energy, water efficient, reliable, low impact, sustainable cooling systems then this application manual may be just what you need. Filter selection and installation, including application guidelines for the full range of buildings in which hanbdook are used.

Pipe Systems Section 6.

Applied psychrometrics and 9. Types of air filters and 6.