to the Air Force Journal of Logistics, Ward Street, Maxwell AFB, Gunter Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) goals. Since the early s, the U.S. Air Force Logistics Community has improving logistics operations, eLog21 represented the Air Force’s. The AF logistics transformation initiative, Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21), represents the Air Force’s commitment to transform current.

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The subsequent tasks include: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any loglstics system. That is, how do they know when they have sir the desired performance level? Design and engineering applications will be linked to provide accurate BOMs, routings, revision levels, and effectivity dates. This workload reflects the increasing trend of electronics, avionics, computers, and ultimately software in weapon systems.

There is no set Air Force policy for when software development, upgrade, or modification or when software maintenance begins or ends. Policy issues remain in the supply arena, and Chapter 4 includes significant coverage of spare parts support. By enabling optimal sourcing plans and comprehensive analysis of make, buy, and redistribution alternatives, the future logistics enterprise will torce Strategic Partnerships Developed.

Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) – ppt download

Data are captured on approximately one of six aircraft, and the condition of the remainder of the fleet is determined by extrapolations and like-mission scenarios. The logical remaining element is metrics for measuring and reporting on how the system and the processes are working. Consequently, the committee viewed sustainment activities and the resourcing of these activities at the ALCs in a holistic manner. Interestingly, these excerpts from the policy document do not use the terms sustainment or product support, but it is promising that they do use the term life cycle.

  ATF 13736 PDF

Combine that with the growth in dependency discussed earlier in this chapter, and it is easy to conclude that software will be a major and growing cost driver for sustainment of future systems, which must be recognized in planning. The Air Force should develop key metrics for sustainment that flow to ALC commanders and that highlight the success or shortcomings of ALC activities, drive appropriate behavior for the workforce, and allow Air Force leadership to assess the health of the enterprise and the adequacy of resourcing for the sustainment process regardless of organizational affiliation.

Code, Title 10, SectionFebruary 10, Figure highlights the complexity of these statutes, regulations, and policies in the context of the Air Force sustainment enterprise. This transformation effort offers vast improvements to the efficiencies and effectiveness associated with logistics support to combat forces.

No One Comes Close U. The Air Force should then track these goals and hold key individuals accountable for achieving them. Unfortunately, this allows for excuses and often leads to celebrating superficial success rather than measurable real achievements. The metric has high utility for operational commanders: Clearly, the responsibility for developing Air Force policy rests with the Secretary of the Air Force.

The briefings were both detailed and comprehensive, the tours were open and thorough, and the discussions were frank and responsive to the questions posed. Although the Air Force structure and program management mechanisms are designed differently, the NAE approach provides an interesting governance model and foci for the Air Force to consider as it executes its eLog21 strategy and deliberates on how to sustain its overall force.


The committee was told that increased man loading cannot be done because the ALCs have not invested in a. Unfortunately, these opportunities have not been capitalized on, and it will be some time before breakthrough efforts are fielded.

To the extent possible, the committee analyzed workforce levels to support the ALC sustainment missions. Numerous processes under eLog21 are designed to improve the governance of sustainment and the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes. Accessed May 1, Developing product plan Movement of inventory and maintenance plans Change management within planning processes Ensuring tight feedback with execution branch on execution details Execution Process Branch is logistice for: In addition, responsibility for managing nearly all remaining logixtics items expendables was transferred from the Air Force to the DLA center in Richmond, Virginia.

Effective and efficient sustainment programs are directly tied to the coordination of these multiple players.

Additionally, the committee repeatedly heard comments about poor supply support to repair lines across all three ALCs. Although the workload for selected repair lines has increased, the size of the DLA workforce that supports parts to these repair operations has not been linked to the repair volume.

Statutes firce sometimes served as an excuse from making hard decisions, and these decisions do involve economic trade-offs. This chapter addresses element 4 of the terms of reference TOR: