Lord Dattatreya considered as guru of environmental education, gained enlightenment by his observation from surrounding, which provided him 24 gurus . 24 Guru of Dattatreya. 1) PRITHVI (mother earth). 9) AJGAR (python). 17) PINGALA (a courtesan). 2) VAYU (wind). 10) SINDU (ocean). 18) KURARAPAKSHI (a. Abstract. Sri Dattatreya, who Lord Krishna quotes in The Uddhava Gita, has been evoked as a guru for environmental education. Sri Dattatreya gained.

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Fish Machali Due to uncontrolled tongue, the fish is caught on hook. She waited and waited till late in the night.

24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya – The Guru of Environmental Education

Sea Ocean, Samudra The ocean neither increases due to excessive inflow of rivers nor decreases due to stoppage of flow of rivers, yet it maintains its level. The Fire The element of Fire is present in all beings which possess latent heat.

He once saw a pair of pigeons with their young ones. Just as a FISH that is covetous of food falls an easy victim to the bait, so also, the man who is greedy of food, who allows his sense of taste dattatrea overpower him, loses his independence and easily gets ruined. Similarly when two persons live together it leads to conversation and when ddattatreya persons live together there is strife. Again, the moon only reflects the light of the sun, but has no such of its own.

24 Guru of Dattatreya : Nature is the Great Teacher

In this, it is like the self of the man. The Bhringi or the BEETLE catches hold of a worm, puts it in its nest, and gives it a sting, the poor worm, always fearing the return of the beetle and sting, and thinking constantly of the beetle, becomes a beetle itself. But it is always present in all objects as latent heat. Always remaining pure like the fire one should behave with equality towards all. By this one day he will blossom into a spiritually evolved person. Seeing this both the pigeons jumped into the net and got caught.


Therefore one should not waste this valuable Yoni in enjoying pleasures. Therefore, one should gurs lust.

It may not be so easy to get a right Spiritual Master for all to show the right path, either. Lord Dattatreya and His 24 Oc. Water It quenches the thirst of every creature. Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign.

Just like this artisan a seeker desirous of liberation should meditate surrendering all his sense organs dattatryea The Lord. My fifth guru is sun. The three heads from the same trunk signify the intimate unity of everything.

The maiden was husking paddy. So she broke all the bangles except two in each hand. All creatures, in accordance with their previous store of karma action assume different physical forms and live on earth. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life!

24 Gurus of Dattatreya – Gurus and subordinate Gurus – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

From this, I realized how man meets his destruction by his craving for delicious food. The Sky shows the Infinite Nature of Self. Even after being born as an intelligent living being, one is caught in the clutches of possessiveness and brings about his own spiritual destruction. Just as a sun, reflected in various pots of water, appears as many, so also God or Brahman appears different because of the embodiment caused by the reflection of the mind.

The Earth Mother earth is the first guru.

She became hopeless and ultimately out of frustration gave her plans for earning money via this means. Worldly men raise the monasteries and the monk lives in them; or, he leaves in old dilapidated temples, or dattstreya shady trees.

His body taught him Gyaan knowledge and Vairaagya detachment. The worldly possessions are source of trouble.

It is believed that Datta Guru had been existing on Earth from Krutha yuga. This noble truth has the little ant taught me and became my eleventh guru. On the other hand, the wise one, when he catches even a glimpse of the fire of wisdom, leaves everything aside, leaps in it and burns down the illusion of being a limited self. As a result man is benefitted tremendously. Although the elephant is so powerful, man tries to capture it by digging 224 pit in the ground, covering it with grass and placing a wooden cow elephant covered with elephant skin on that pit.


At that time, one can experience Brahman and simultaneously work in Maya at the level of various chakras The word Chakra denotes centre in the body daattatreya which spiritual energy flows. Elephant In order to catch a male elephant tusker first a stuffed female elephant is prepared and it is put visible to the tusker.

Keeping this in mind one should not get entrapped in any kind of attachment. Fire delivers the oblations to the deities made in it amidst chanting of their respective Names. The queen bee builds a hive encountering several difficulties in a cumbersome location high up on a tree and collects honey in it.

Similarly God creates the world when He wishes and indulges in various kinds of play in it. Lord Dattatreya is represented with three faces, one of Lord Brahma, the second of Lord Vishnu and the third of Lord Siva with six hands. Honeybee wanders from flower to flower and, without hurting them in the least, draws honey. From this I learned that a spiritual aspirant should live in the world, unaffected by the dualities of life like joy and sorrow and by the dattatfeya of the senses.